Wednesday, April 28, 2010

1969 Fiat Moretti 500 Coupe

There's not a lot written about Giovanni Moretti and his cars. That's too bad, because his Moretti Motor Company made some interesting looking, even great looking, cars.

This is a 1969 Fiat Moretti 500 Coupe. It's based on the Fiat 500. From what I can gather, it drives just like a 500, only it does so in a prettier body. It uses the 500's 499cc 2 cylinder air-cooled engine. This is not an Italian high performance car.

Most websites state that 500 of these were built. The seller say the number is 400. It doesn't really matter, only a handful still exist today.

The seller says that's he's owned it for 12 years after having purchased it in Italy from its original owner. It has just 11,000 miles on it.

While the Fiat 500 parts of this car are cheap and plentiful, the Moretti parts are not. Fortunately, this car is complete and has all its original parts. The seller says the body is "very solid with no rust", but "there are some little dents and scratches which are signs of its 41 year life". The most serious of that damage is a bent rear bumper.

I'm not crazy about the color of this car, but it's original. It seems like most Moretti 500 Coupes had red interiors, which would look really cool with a silver exterior.

Very few of these cars turn up for sale, but when they do, they're not incredibly expensive. In 2008 an excellent, fully restored, Moretti sold for under $15,000.00.

These cars are tiny and their performance is on par with a lawnmower. Still, if you want a really cool, very rare, hand built Italain classic to bring to cars show, the Moretti 500 Coupe would be a good choice.

Located in Toronto, Canada, click here to see the eBay listing.

For a look at some other Moretti cars, click here to find the Moretti Registry website.


Max Power said...

Jeez...ANOTHER post about a Moretti?! Are you going to start doing posts about Camrys next? ;)

When I first saw this, I thought that it must have been based on the 850 since it looks like a custom version of the 850 Coupe however, it is obviously smaller and 500 sized. Neat car!

Anonymous said...

a site only for Moretti's