Thursday, April 15, 2010

Daimler DS420 Landaulette

I'm not not going to write a lot about this car, I'm just putting it out here because it's unusual and rarely seen in the US.

The seller seems to be a bit confused as to what a Daimler is. He lists it as a Chrysler. I assume he's thinking of the whole Daimler-Benz / Chrysler thing.

The seller claims it was part of Queen Elizabeth's fleet. I don't know if that makes a difference or means anything (I'm pretty certain she didn't drive it), but it's kind of interesting. (In the UK, license plates are transferred to each owner - Kind of like they are in California. I assume there's a way to check this claim, but I have no idea how.)

Unless you own limo service, where it would get limited use, I can't see any reason for owning this. (Unless you're a head of state who's into classic cars.)

Click here to see the eBay listing.

There's a very good website dedicated to these cars. You can find it here.


Richard said...

Interesting car. Part of the Royal Fleet? Not so sure, doubt it, I think there were only two official built and this doesn't look like it. Plus, I have been told, the Queen only orders cloth interior!

Interesting if Tata revives the Daimler brand, this means the Queen will be ferried around in a car owned by an Indian company, how things change :)

Chris Keen said...

As soon as I take over a third-world country, I will be in touch with the seller.

Jon said...

I just saw an old listing for this very same car for $37.5K. I guess the seller from Smithtown wants to cover his eventual ebay fees etc.

The lines on the trunk are directly inspired by a stately James Young penned Rolls Royce Phantom 5... or a Seville.

The Laundryette model offered here is extemely rare and it's too bad the stark photos don't display the hardware in the back of this vehicle.

They would have shown a complex array of stainless steel racking systems in the passenger compartment. These folded out as the top went down and allowed the landed gentry the sheer luxury of having their freshly washed fur brimmed top hats and coats to be air dried by chauffeurs who drove nonchalantly through the English countryside on warm sunny days.

When one thinks that this could have been the Queen of Englands very own automobile, visions of damp hand sequined corsetry and long flowing gowns come to mind.

It's a real shame that advances in dry cleaning technology have laid these models to rest.

Africa, a country that dry cleaning seemed to forget, had a plethora of Mercedes Laundryette Pullmans that were owned by various dictators. If I remember correctly, Mobutu had lots of fur hats and therfore owned more than a few 600's. These all seemed to come up for sale during the go go 1980's.

Look up, or Google the word "WaBenzi." I kid you not...

I can't wait to see what's next for these guys from Smithtown.

Maybe they can get their hands on on something exciting like a used Popemobile.

Jon said...

I have to admit I was inaccurate in my last comment regarding the Daimler.

Africa is a continent and not a country.