Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Iconic Saab - 1984 Saab 900

I love seeing cars like this...

I haven't seen a 1984 Saab 900 in this condition since, well, probably 1984.

I may get some (valid) arguments from Saab 96 and 99 fans here, but to me the early 900 is the iconic Saab.

The 900 was based on the 99 platform. It was available as a 2 or 4 door sedan and as a 3 door or 5 door hatchback.

Back in its day, the Saab 900 was different from anything else on the road. But it wasn't different just for the sake of being different, it was different in order to be better. They were roomy, comfortable, good handling, durable, safe cars. They were cars that were truly engineered. Even the little things were well thought out. Back in the early eighties, my friend Regina bought one brand new. I went with her to pick it up. I remember the salesman telling her all the different engineering and safety features. One that sticks out in my mind is the layout of the dash. All the controls are placed according to how often they typically get used. The drivr never had to take his eyes off the road. That's common stuff now, but that was impressive back in the 1980s.

The layout of the drivetrain, the suspension, all of that was different from most other cars of the day. All of it made sense, though. The 900 was the "thinking persons car". (At the time Regina was on her way to getting her doctorate in psychology. She was not just a "thinker", she was an "over thinker".)

This car is a pretty basic Saab 900. The seller isn't clear as to whether it's gone thorough an extensive restoration or if it's a remarkable survivor. According to the seller, the car's only flaws are a tiny scratch on the back and a set of bad rear speakers.

Located in Frisco, TX, click here to see the eBay listing.

In 1994, GM replaced the original 900 with a new version. They made it look like a Saab and they even kept a few traditional Saab touches. What they forgot to do was engineer it like a Saab. I fully understand that all of Saab's engineering almost bankrupted them and opened the doors for their takeover by GM. Of course, GM's lack of engineering almost bankrupted Saab, too. (Technically, it did file bankruptcy in 2009). I hope its new owner, Spyker, can find a profitable middle ground.

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