Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Just A Couple of Old Pictures...

I mentioned in my very first post that the idea for this blog (and the name, too) came from a series of long running e-mails I exchanged with a friend / business associate. Each day I'd send her an e-mail about a car and that would usually lead to some intelligent discussions, debates, or out-and-out arguments about that car. It was a lot of fun.

Since starting this blog I've gotten e-mails from a lot of people from around the world about the cars I post. Sometimes the e-mails turn into debates, but for the most part they're just good discussions about interesting cars. In a whole different way, it's as fun as those first e-mail discussions were.

I recently got an e-mail from "Raso", a man who runs a European blog called Opel Rekord 1963-1966. Not too surprisingly, given the name, it's dedicated to the Opel Rekord, a car that was briefly imported into the US, prior to GM bringing in the Kadett.

In our exchange of e-mails I mentioned that my dad had an Opel Rekord at one time. I was young and don't remember it, but I do recall seeing pictures of it.

Anyway, to make a long story short, I told Raso that I would look for some old Opel pictures. I decided to look in a box of very old pictures I have. Stuff from my childhood. I haven't looked in this box for probably 30 years. I thought maybe some pictures of my dad's Opels would be in there. He brought home quite a few and I remember and liked the later ones.

There were no pictures of my dad's Opels, but there were some pictures I took at the NY Auto shows in the late sixties! I was very young and the camera I had was a Kodak Brownie or something like that. They are not award winning photos.

The top picture is of a fake elephant standing on an Opel station wagon.(I assume it was fake. It looks fake- or sick - I think I would have had a clearer memory of a real elephant tied to the ceiling of Madison Square Garden's Felt Forum. That's not something you forget!) The concept was that Opels were tough cars, but ran "on peanuts". Oh, those clever ad guys...

There are about 20 pictures. Most are awful. A few are interesting. At some point I'll scan them all and post them on an online photo album. That's a lot of work, though. Tonight I have other plans, so it will have to wait.

I do want to post this picture, though. Anybody have any idea what this is? I have no idea, but I saw it and I guess I was impressed enough to take a picture of it...


Jon said...

What a great story.

I tried looking up the "Kustom" rod in the old photo, but got nowhere. I'll bet that someone on those H.A.M.B. boards over at The Jalopy Journal might recognize it.

Quantum Joe said...

Looks like someone put a hot rod body on an Indy car!

Jon said...

Hey, Im getting closer on the rod photo.

I'm thinking 1960's T-Bucket with a fiberglass front end of some sort. Quantums post made me look at it a bit differently. It almost looks as though the second "nose" was added on.

The T-Bucket signs are the "brass era" lamps on both sides of a very upright windshield.

I'm scanning through the H.A.M.B. as I write this.

Raso said...

Still haven´t found any pics of US Rekord A or B's... says this:

"Opels appeared under their own name in the USA from 1958 to 1975, when they were sold through Buick dealers as captive imports."

But it seems that during the 1963-1966 period they didn't import any Rekords.