Saturday, April 17, 2010

Weekend Quickies Saturday April 17, 2010

1987 BMW M6 - #1 - I'm always a little leery of claims of "first one made", "last one built", "only one with these options", etc., but this car's VIN makes me believe that this is the first US M6.

The seller claims that it is a pre-production car and doesn't have the rear center console or power seats that were found on the later production version.

The great thing about this car is that despite its historical value, people actually drove it. It wasn't tucked it away in a garage. It has 133,000 miles on it and, well, looks like any well taken care of 133,000 mile M6. The paint is blemished and the driver's seat bolster needs to be repaired.

The M6 is just a brilliant car and one that any car-geek would want to own. Hopefully whoever buys this one will put another 133,000 miles on. M6s, whether they are #1 or #1756, are cars that are meant to be driven.

Located in Lake Hopatcong, NJ, click here to see the eBay listing.

1990 Kelly Python - I'd never seen or heard of this car before. From what little information I could find, this car was made in Fort Collins, CO. It's a fiberglass body placed on a Mustang platform. It supposedly gets to 60 MPH in 6 seconds. It cost about $32,000.00 when new. That's pretty much all I could find out about this thing.

This car just doesn't look "right" to me. It has all the elements of a successful 1990s sports car, but it just doesn't come together somehow.

This one has just under 900 miles on it. The seller claims it's one of only 18 made. He doesn't mention if it's titled as a Ford or a Kelly.

In my mind the only reason (and valid one, I suppose) to buy this car would be for its uniqueness and performance.

This car is one of the many reasons I love doing this blog. If I wasn't looking for something to write about, I'd have never found this car and therefor never would have known it existed. Even though I have no desire to own it, it's still cool to know (a very little) about it.

Located in Fontana, CA, click here to see the eBay listing.

1982 Renault Alliance Le Mons Car - I was just talking about the 24 Hours of Le Mons the other night with my friend, Jeff. Yes, I want to do it someday. I will do it someday. Coincidentally, I was saying that my choice of car might be an Alliance.

An ex-SCCA Alliance Cup car, this Alliance is all set up for Le Mons. It actually may be too nice looking for a Le Mons car. The best part about it? The "sponsor"; F-ING.

Located in Portland, OR, click here to see the eBay listing.


Jon said...

After years of stretched Fieros, the Kelly Python is a refreshing break.

Yeah, I don't think it's looks "right" either, but at least it it isn't a Lambo clone. On the other hand, if the designer worked a little harder on the molds, it could be in Italia territory. I mean, how hard can it be. I'll have to admit I cruise "Bob's Classics" on the web from time to time. Don't ask me why...

Unfortunately, the Python has those classic "Anycar" looks.

I remember the cars in insurance ads often used an non descript "Anycar" because they did not want it to appear they were for or against any manufacturer. You could spot these by the kind of phony grille that was slapped on a bland 1980's Mid Size American vehicle. It was fun tryng to figure out what kind of car it really was. Matador sedans were popular base cars for "Anycars."

Today the "Anycar" has disappeared because of Photoshop.

The Kelly kinda looks like a sports car "Anycar," if there ever was such a thing. My daughter used to have these huge Barbie convertible cars rolling on the floor. They weren't based on any particular car, any they look like the Python.

Jon said...

When life gives you lemons... ah whatever.

There is a 2010 Lemons event at Stafford. I just scanned through the rules, and a "race ready" car might just be the way to go. In spite of the cars being beaters, the "officials" are pretty firm on safety measures. The rollbars have to be built to a certain spec.

There is a great 24 Hours of Lemons video from TEAM SANTA CRUZ on youtube.