Thursday, May 6, 2010

1979 Jeep J-10 Honcho Pickup

When I get a new car, I drive it. I drive the daylights out of it. Apparently, some people don't, though.

This is another one of those vehicles with ridiculously low miles on it. In this case, just 8300 miles.

The J10's origins go back to 1962 and the Jeep Gladiator. From the cab forward, it was pure Jeep Wagoneer.

The Honcho was nothing more than a trim package. It was offered from 1976-1983. The big decals were standard on the Honcho and a Levis package interior and rollbar were options.

This Honcho is what a new Honcho looked like back in 1979. It appears to be flawless. It comes with its original window sticker.

If you missed out on buying a new J10 in 1979, this is as close as you'll get to a second chance. The seller calls the "one of the best J-10 trucks in existence". I don't think he'd get an argument there. That's part of my problem with this Jeep. What would you do with it? Rust was a problem with old Jeeps and not only are there very few (if any) around in this condition, there are few around in any condition. If you drive it every day, you'll put miles on it. It will get the usual stone chips, parking lot dings, etc. That will take away most of the uniqueness of this truck. On the other hand, if you don't drive it, you have a tough, reliable old truck living the life of a trailer-queen. That kind of seems like a waste. Maybe you could buy it and drive it around town on weekends and to shows. I don't know what I'd do with this if I bought it.

Located in Wylie, TX, click here to see the eBay listing.


Chris Keen said...

I think as long as you don't use it as a daily driver, I don't see why it should just be a trailer queen. I put less than 3K miles a year on my old cars, so whether you've got one of these for sale, garage-kept, with 20K miles on it in a few years, it'll still be the best one and the miles will still be low...

Jon said...

Hey, I saw a couple of other low mileage pickups on "the Bay" that were listed for far less money.

While this is clearly a fine example of the breed, I think I would rather spend "the big bucks" on a clean Wagoneer from that Wagonmaster guy from Texas. He has some amazing vehicles on his website.

On another note, I could not help noticing the OEM decal kit on the Honcho. If I remember correctly, the early Chevy K5 Blazer had a short lived dealer option for a set of HUGE DECALS that nearly covered the entire truck. I remember them as being brightly colored and really "over the top" design wise. The early K5 Blazers were prone to rust and sometimes it appeared as if the goofy decals were holding the body panels together.

The screaming chicken on Trans Ams paled in comparison.

Anonymous said...

That's a nice looking truck, for sure.

I know the "feather" decals you're talking about on those early Blazers, too. I love that you can now get a model kit of both the Honcho and the Blazer with the big decals.

Just one thing; just because the decals are bigger on the trucks, doesn't mean the T/A Paled in comparison. The '79 and '80 birds are some of the most intricate decos on any car. They will never pale in comparison to ANYTHING! :)