Sunday, May 16, 2010

Weekend Quickies - Saturday, May 16, 2010

2002 DARE Ginetta TG Sport - Ginetta has been around since the late 1950s. A tiny company, they still managed to build (and also sell in kit form) some pretty impressive cars.

The history of Ginetta is convoluted and confusing. Today there are two separate companies building Ginetta cars.

This care is built by DARE - Design And Research Engineering - a company created in 1991 by the original Ginetta founders, Ivor and Trevers Walklett.

This car is a 2002 titled as a 1972. It has an 1800cc Ford Zetec fuel injected engine in it, which puts out 150 HP. Given that the car weighs only 1300lbs, I assume that it is very quick. This would be a nice alternative to a Caterham.

Located in El Reno, OK, click here to see the eBay listing.

Click here to read some Ginetta / G4 history.

1962 Alfa Romeo 2600 Spider - Very few of these were built. Just 2257 from 1961 through 1968. There were a number of reasons for that. The 2600 line of cars (there was a coupe and sedan available, too) were expensive in their day. The styling of the Spider (by Carrozzeria Touring) was derivative of the less expensive Giulietta Spider and it was not as sporty.

Still, the 2600 had a lot going for it. The engine is a 2600cc inline DOHC 6. (The last inline 6 built by Alfa.) It pumps out a very respectable 145 HP and give the car a top speed of over 120 MPH.

While the 2600 Spider looks a lot like the Giulietta, it has a back seat. You'd have to really hate someone to force them to sit back there for any length of time, but it was there if you needed it.

The 2600 was not meant to be a sports car. It's a touring car. Think of of it as a Mercedes-Benz SL type of car, but with Italian flair and styling.

For many years these cars were undervalued classics. (As recently as 2007, you were able to buy nice examples for $25,000.00.) They're starting to get their due now. This 56,000 mile car, which was in storage for 30 years, is in good, but not perfect condition. As I write this car has 7 bids and is up to $33,500.00, with 4 days left to go in the auction. It will be interesting to see what it finally sells for.

Located in Solvang, CA, click here to see the eBay listing.

1957 DKW Munga / Air Cooled VW - The Munga was built in the 1950s and 1960s by DKW / Auto-Union for the German army. They were front engined, 4WD vehicles.

This Munga was modified to accommodate a 1968 air cooled Volkswagen chassis and running gear. It appears to be very, very well done.

If you're looking for a very unique toy and believe the VW Thing is too normal looking, this may be a good choice for you.

Located in Crestview, FL, click here to see the eBay listing.

2001 BMW Z3 - "You've really got a problem." That sentence was directed at me after I pulled a u-turn to look at this car. (Granted, it was not a graceful u-turn... I lost the back end of the car for a second on some loose gravel. I also didn't announce the u-turn ahead of time and it was the third abrupt u-turn I had made that day to look at some car.)

That was a couple of weeks ago. I had forgotten about the car until today when I spotted an ad for it.

I won't go into detail about this car. I can say that it looks as good in person as it does in the photos. (I didn't get to drive it.)

Located in Shrewsbury, MA, click here to see the Craigslist ad.

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Jon said...

DARE Ginetta TG Sport - Thanks for posting this, I spent a good couple hours looking up all things Ginetta this AM. The G4 and G12 models are pretty hot and there is a silver G20 "race car" on ebay as I type this. But... I'd have to pass on the TG Sport. The wiki for the Lotus Seven states "over 160 companies have offered replicas or Seven-type cars over the years."
As an alternative, my favorite Kitschmobile site, "Bob's Classics," currently has a nicely sorted Seven for sale, it's "a lot of car for only $ 17,900.! firm! that's all, $17,900."

The Alfa 2600 - I really like the large Alfas and prefer this 2600 to the Giulietta Spider. The line in the listing "i have been advised the 2600 will increase in value..." is worth a chuckle. I wonder if the owner consulted with Jim Cramer or Merrill Lynch before he sent out his three solex carbs for rebuilding.

The MUNGA sold for $5000. VW chassis or not, I think that was a heck of a deal.

The BMW Z3 - That is a nice looking ride. There are quite a few examples of low mileage, garage kept, "weekends only" cars floating about on ebay and elsewhere. My guess is that more will enter the market if the Dow falls below 10K.