Monday, May 10, 2010

1965 DAF 31 Pick Up Truck (!!)

I just had to do a quick mid-morning post about this car...

Here in the US your chances of seeing a DAF "in person" are about the same as being struck by lightening or winning the lottery.

The chances of seeing 2 different DAFs come up for sale in the same month aren't much better.

This is our lucky month, I guess...

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post about a DAF 66YA. I figured that I wouldn't be writing about another DAF any time soon.


This morning I spotted this one. This is a DAF 31 pick up truck. The sedan version of this vehicle was known as the Daffodil in the US and a few other markets. (Not using the Daffodil name on the pick up was probably a really good idea. Imagine rolling up next to a bunch of Dodge Power Wagons or Ford F-Whatevers... "That sure is a tiny little pick up truck ya got there, son. What is it?" "It's a Daffodil, sir..." What followed wouldn't be pretty.)

This is a terrible eBay ad. There's no info and just the one picture. I just thought I'd point it out so you can tell your kids and grandkids that you once saw two DAFs for sale in one month.

The seller ends his listing with the sentence "Other DAFs soon for sale on eBay!". More DAFs for sale in one month? It's time to buy a lottery ticket and stay out of thunderstorms.

Located in Dumont, NJ, click here to see the eBay listing.


Bill said...

Dumont is very near to Hackensack, where the USA Daf Museum was located. Check this link. Not mentioned was that Mr Wysocki also had for a time a Saab Sonett. I sold him some parts for it in the middle 1980's. If he is still alive he is very old.

Jon said...

I checked out the link. My favorite photo is captioned "Mary and the YA 66." I can't bring myself to make any snide or snarky comments about the USA DAF Museum. Let's be honest, any visionary who was brash enough to construct a DAF shrine in the USA should have been instantly crowned "King of the Car Geeks" long ago.

Thank god there is still an active DAF museum in the Netherlands.


Imagine for a moment that you won round trip tickets to Amsterdam for you and your family.

Lucky you...

You and your family will have to skip the thousands of sex shops, sex theatres, and peep shows. Also out of the question is the sex museum, the cannabis museum, and the millions of coffee shops offering various legal cannabis products. In addition, Amsterdam also has countless legal brothels with brightly lit window displays featuring live prostitutes on nearly every street corner.

Lucky for you the "family friendly" DAF Museum is there to save the day. In a not so subtle FUN FOR THE WIFE AND KIDS pitch, the museum website promises a visit "will even captivate visitors who have no special knowledge of the subject."

The museum also boasts a "welcoming pub," which is clearly an invitation to drink to excess before you are confronted with the technological brilliance lingering behind its doors.

On a positive note, the museum has a really sweet Michelotti concept based on the DAF 55, the SILURO.

On the other hand, the Siluro never made it into production.

Look at the pickup featured in this post. In a brilliant example of 20th Century industrial espionage, DAF managed to swipe the front end treatment (the curved hood down to the grille) from the ugliest car on the planet, the Citroen AMI 8.

Next time hire a nanny and leave the kids at home.

Jon said...

On second thought, it looks a bit more the the AMI 6, the previous model to the 8. The AMI 6 was even more bizarre than the 8, if you could imagine that. It was so strange that I actually started to like it.

I still can't say that about the 8.

Bill said...

I am pretty sure the DAF had the slope nose before the Cit Ami cars, as the very first DAFs had it. When new I thought the earliest DAFs were very good looking, but then I was still in grade school when they were new.....

Jon said...

Thanks for the info Bill. I was just guessing as to which came first.