Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Simca 1100 - Save It From A Geo Metro Engine

This is not a car I would normally feature. It's a cool car, but there is just not enough info or clear pictures in the ad to write a decent post about it. I skimmed the ad anyway and was about to look for another car when I saw this line... " Have had this car 2 years and have been wanting to put a Geo Metro motor in it..."

OK, it's not my place to criticize someone's automotive dream, but a Geo Metro engine in a Simca? Yikes!

Yeah, I know the argument... A Geo Metro engine would make this a car you could use everyday. There's some validity to that. But, I'm a purist and the idea of putting a fairly unexciting modern(ish) Japanese engine in an old French car makes me cringe.

The seller does tell us this about the car: He thinks it's a 1970 or a 1971. It needs a passenger side door window. He doesn't believe it has a lot of rust. He doesn't know anything about the condition of the engine. The transmission is stuck in 2nd gear. Judging by the pictures it could definitely use some new tires and a paint job.

Simca didn't sell many cars in the US, but they were popular in Europe. I wrote a post about a Simca 1204 back in April, 2009. (You can find it here.) In the comments section, JaCG reader, Matt, mentioned that the Simca 1100 range of cars were the worlds first transverse-engined FWD hatchback cars. (Which was something I didn't know at the time - That's part of the reason I love doing this blog, I learn new things all the time.) In a small way, that makes these cars historical.

Only a Geo Metro deserves a Geo Metro engine. This Simca deserves a better fate.

The seller is looking for $750.00 for the car, but is open to offers.

Located in Killen, AL, click here to see the Craigslist ad.

The Craigslist ad is about 2 weeks old. There's a possibility that it will expire soon. Below is a copy of the ad. You can click on it to enlarge it. I've edited out the person's phone number. This blog stays online forever and it really wouldn't be cool for the guy to get phone calls in 2014 asking if he still has the Simca for sale. However, I saved the original ad to my computer. If the Craigslist ad is gone and you want the person's contact info, e-mail me and I'll send it to you (assuming you do it before the year 2014).


Jon said...

I really like old Simcas. A buddy of mine had a 1501 wagon that was well built. The 4 door 13 and 15 series cars were stylish. The Rancho was a two wheel drive proto crossover that had off road lights and "brush bars" fitted to the bumpers. Hell, this moring I found a Plein Ciel for 3500 Euros and a ultra rare 1956 Simca "Coupé de ville" for 11k Euros.

However, while this car may be a terrific bargain, it unfortunately looks like a dogs ass.

Jon said...

If you ever wondered if there ever was a car ripe for a Briggs and Stratton conversion, then this should settle the matter.