Tuesday, June 29, 2010

1961 Alfa Romeo 2000 Spider by Touring - (Not As Bad As It Looks, Even Without Beer Goggles...)

So, a man walks into a bar. An Alfa Romeo sits down next to him... OK, that's a really poor attempt at humor. There's a typo in the title of this car's listing. It's written as "1961 ALFA ROMEO 2000 TOURING SPIDER BAR FIND" (I know, I know, I have no right making fun of anyone else's typos given all the ones you'll find - usually on a daily basis - in this blog. Sorry. It was just too amusing and I couldn't resist.)

It doesn't matter where this car was found, it's a very cool car, but one that needs an awful lot of work.

Introduced in 1958, the 2000 Spider was designed and built by Carrozzeria Touring. It shared its 1975cc engine with the Berlina, but used a pair of Solex sidedraft carbs to get 115 HP out of it. (The Berlina engine used a single Solex downdraft and made 105 HP.) Still, it wasn't especially quick, with 60 MPH taking 14.2 seconds to achieve. Consider this a touring car, not a sports car.

No matter what type of car it is, it's the body that made it stand out. It's just a beautiful car.

This one is not so beautiful and with good reason. It's spent the last 20+ years in a barn. Old barns are, apparently, great places to find old cars, but they are definitely lousy places to store them. (Have you ever seen a weather-proof, humidity / temperature controlled old barn?)

This car is rusty. I've seen worse, for sure, but this is not a "quick grind, skim coat of filler and paint it" type of car. This will need some welding. Probably a lot of welding. But, if you're handy with a welder and proficient at creating patch panels, this car could be a great project. The really good news is that this car appears to be complete. All of the very hard to find - in many cases, impossible to find - parts are still with the car. A rust free car (if you could find one), with lights, trim, chrome, etc., missing, might cost you more to restore than this one will.

Touring only built around 3500 of these cars. Not many are left. Even so, they are not extremely valuable. A car like this is a labor of love. If you have the time and talent, it's a great restorattion project and when finished would be a hit at any Italian car show.

Located in Orlando, FL, click here to see the eBay listing.

Me? I'm going to head down to the bar and see what sits next to me. I just hope that the bartender shuts me off before a Fiero starts looking like a Ferrari and I mysteriously find it my driveway tomorrow morning...

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Trevor said...

Looks like the guy is parting out the car after canceling the auction early. Sad