Tuesday, June 8, 2010

1974 Audi Fox

This was a bridge car for Audi. A car to keep the Audi name alive in the US. For what it was, it was successful.

VW saw that the sales of Mercedes and BMW were slowly on the rise and realized it needed a line of cars to compete with them. It resurrected the Audi name and in 1970 introduced the 100LS in North America. On paper, the 100LS was a good competitor to the cars Mercedes and BMW were offering at the time. In reality, it was nowhere near as reliable as those brands and sales eventually suffered.

The Fox, known as the 80 to most of the world, was smaller, more modern, less luxurious and cheaper than the 100LS. It was the "everyman's Audi". While it wouldn't make any list of Top 10 Reliable Cars, it was much better built than the 100LS. Introduced to the US in 1973, Audi sold 142,500 of them during its 6 year run. It was available as a 2 door, 4 door and a station wagon. It paved the way for Audi's very successful 4000, 80 /90 and A4 line of cars.

This car is an honest old Audi Fox. It needs some minor work, but is drivable as is. The seller has links to 2 videos in his ad. The first one is a walk around and proves, if nothing else, that the seller is not some slick salesman. There are still empty wrappers and trash on the passenger side floor. In a way, it's almost refreshing to see a car being presented like. No wax, no Armor All, just an honest presentation of a daily driver.

These cars are all but ignored by Audi fans these days. They sell for very little money. They're drivers, not show cars. The 1.6 liter engine gets decent gas mileage, but with just 78 HP on tap, doesn't move the car very quickly. I had one (a station wagon) many, many years ago. It was my winter car for a season and I don't remember much about it. That's good, as that means it never left me stranded or did anything too weird.

Located near Dallas, TX, with a price of $1500.00 or best offer, click here to see the Craigslist ad.

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