Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Basic 1965 Ford Mustang

The image most of us have of the early Mustang is of a very fast V8 car with scoops, fancy wheels and stripes. They're the collectibles, the cars that are worth the big bucks. They're the ones you see at car shows.

The reality is that many of the early Mustangs produced were similar to this one. 6 cylinder, automatic transmission, no A/C, AM radio. They were commuter cars; smaller than a Thunderbird and much sportier than a Falcon.

I like and respect the big V8 Mustangs, but there is something really cool about seeing one like this in this condition.

This 1965 Mustang is one of the least sportiest you'll ever see. I'm going to get heat for being very politically incorrect here, but when new, I can imagine this car being purchased by a woman. Aquamarine over white, automatic transmission, 6 cylinder. It screams "I was purchased by a female with a desire for a hip car that was sporty but practical." (Let me dig myself out of the hole I've dug here. I'm not saying that all women don't care about performance or engineering. Many do, just as there are many men who don't. - I know that I have quite a few female readers. I also have a female friend who is a bigger car geek than most of my male friends - I'm just saying that I see this car having the same appeal as a Volkwagen Golf convertible. More of a car a woman would drive than a man.)

There's no point in me writing the history of the Mustang, it's already been written a zillion times. I'll just point out the ad. As I said, it's really cool to see a "lesser" Mustang this well preserved.

Located in East Mesa, AZ, click here to see the Craigslist listing.


Anonymous said...

keep digging

Lucius Quinctius said...

You are most likely correct, this was ladies car, rather charming and no doubt an excellent daily driver. This is the embodyment of the Mustang as a personal car.

longrooffan said...

I'd drive that car in a New York minute. It is gorgeous.