Wednesday, July 7, 2010

1963 MG 1100

A quick post about this car, just because I have a soft spot for the AD016 range of cars...

This 1963 MG 1100 seems to be in very good condition and, according to the seller, everything works except the speedometer. (You could replace it, but honestly, you'll most likely never get this car going fast enough to where you'll need to worry about not having a speedometer...)

Besides appearing to be in remarkable condition, this car is very inexpensive at just $1500.00.

If the car is all the seller says it is, for less than $2000.00 you could have classic car with a bit of a pedigree that you could bring to a car show next weekend.
There's nothing wrong with that.

Located in Washoe Valley, NV, click here to see the Craigslist ad.

Click here so see an earlier post about the MG 1100.


Richard said...

The MG/Austin/Riley/Morris (did I miss one out?) 1100/1300 have never commanded serious money in the UK or the US. Odd that the less practical (but more fun) Mini of the same vintage would cost ten times that amount. These are bargains and at that price the guy is giving away his, seems too good to be true. Excellent car for just running around the town, Highway driving however, you'd have to have balls of steel. These cars were never suited or even capable of the US highway driving conditions.

Also, I am sure all the other JaCG readers are thinking the same thing, how did the Pug purchase go? Did you check it out??

Bill said...

Wollsely did an ADO 16 as well. This MG clearly has deflated Hydolastic system.....I saw leaky pipes 30 years ago when I serviced these cars. Had the pump then as well. I know someone who still has the factory's refill setup, and it works too!