Monday, July 12, 2010

1969 Intermeccanica Murena - 1 of 11 Built

Wow. What an amazing car to see pop up on eBay...

Built and designed in Italy, but powered by a Ford 429 V8, AutoWeek called the Murena "one of the wildest, weirdest and most menacing sportwagons ever."

This car was dreamed up by Jospeh Vos, the president of Murena Motors in New York. He had Intermeccanica built the first prototype, which he displayed at the 1969 New York Motor Show.

It weighed 3770 lbs and could hit 60 MPH in 7.5 seconds. With a list price of $14,500.00 (BIG bucks in 1969!) it came loaded with leather, air, top of the line stereo and a glass panel to separate the passenger compartment from the luggage area.

Supposedly, after the NY Auto Show, 35 orders were placed for this car (including one from Elvis Presley), but only 11 were built. I can't find any explanation as to why the other 24 were not built. (Elvis got his.)

This is a truly bizarre looking car. Designed by Franco Scaglione, it's one of those cars that probably looks a whole lot more impressive in person than it does in pictures (I don't really know, I've never seen one.)

This car (obviously) needs a total restoration. Being 1 of 11 and being an Intermeccanica, it will be interesting to see what this car sells for.

Located in Los Angeles, CA, click here to see the eBay listing.

Below is an Intermeccanica built one-off Mustang station wagon. Intermeccanica supposedly built it as a prototype for Ford (accounts vary on that part). Now that's a slick looking car!

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