Thursday, July 29, 2010

1975 Peugeot 504 Coupe - Hmmm...

I wrote about this car back in July, 2009. After I posted it a JaCG reader left a comment with some further information and links.
"This car was imported from Germany (not Denmark) in March/April 2003 by Classic Euro Cars (based in Florida) and sold to a buyer in Seattle who took great care of it."
Below is a picture of it in Europe...
He went on to write:
"Unfortunately, this buyer had issues garaging the car and driving was always a concern to him (scared of breaking glass a or window or being run into)."
Below is a picture of the car in Seattle with its owner (Sorry about the blocked out face. I don't know the source of this picture so I couldn't get permission to show a picture of the car's owner.)
He then wrote:
"One day he got a call from 2 guys of Brooklyn who were interesting of buying the car, which they did some time in 2004 or 2005. Looks like they're now selling it..."
That was the story in 2009.

The story in 2010 is this...

It's back on eBay. Bring A Trailer also featured this car then and now and they point out that it now has "different wheels, a different steering wheel, and an intact vintage stereo." (Back when I originally posted it I only included one picture with each post, so all I could tell was that the wheels were changed...)

It gets a even stranger. The car is listed as still being in Brooklyn, NY, but later in the eBay listing the seller writes, "Car is located at the Jersey shore about 50 miles from NYC". Did someone buy this, sell off a few parts and is now selling the rest of the car? He then goes on to write, "This rare collectable auto is offered at auction at no reserve and starting amount of $5000.00 which is one third of my purchase price, importation and repairs with maintanence..." Hmmm... First of all there is a bid on the car, but the listing says "reserve not met". So much for the no reserve price. Also, according to the JaCG reader mentioned above, this owner (the second or maybe the third here in the US) didn't import the car. He (or the previous owner) bought it from the man in Seattle.

Who knows? As I've always said, the goal of this blog is not to sell cars, but to be a little cyber car show. A Peugeot 504 Coupe belongs in any car show anywhere. It's a beautiful car and extremely rare in the US. However, if you're thinking of buying it, just remember the words "caveat emptor"...

You can find my 2009 post about the car here.

Located in either Brooklyn, NY, or the Jersey shore, click here to see the eBay listing.

Thanks to Jon and JaCG reader, Blair, both of whom sent me e-mails with the link to this car.

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Blair Russell said...

Yeah, now that I think about it, it is rather odd and disconcerting how there are discrepancies between it being sold last year and this year, not to mention where it's being sold and what has changed. It's a shame as from what I understand (and have seen online) the other 504's out there in the U.S. aren't nearly as nice as this one.