Friday, August 20, 2010

1960 Ford Anglia

I almost bought one of these 25 years ago. I don't remember why I didn't. Looking back, I really can't say that I'm upset that I didn't buy it, but it would have been a cool car to say I once owned.

Introduced in 1959 as a replacement for the very popular 100E Anglia, the 105E Anglia also became a best seller in Great Britain.

It was the first car to use Ford's "Kent" engine, an engine that went on to power the Cortina and, in various developed forms, found it's way into the Lotus Elan, Lotus-Cortina, Ford Escort Twin Cam, Ford Consul Classic, Ford (Mercury in the US) Capri and many other cars. In its 997 cc overhead-valve form it was not a powerful engine and it takes the Anglia 27 seconds to hit 60 MPH. It has a top speed of 74 MPH.

Styling is a matter of taste, I guess. The backwards slanted rear window, full length grill and little tail fins certainly made the car unique looking.

This is another frustratingly short eBay listing. It has just one sentence and 4 pictures. To make things confusing, it's listed under the Mazda category!

This car appears to be in pretty good condition for its age. The seller says it doesn't run, but that shouldn't be too concerning. Mechanical parts, although rare in North America, are plentiful in Great Britain. It's the condition of the rest of the car that makes this car interesting.

The body has some surface rust, but no apparent holes. The interior looks very good for a 51 year old Texas car. All the lights appear to be there as is most of the trim. The bumpers and grill are not in great shape, but they could be repaired, or you could order replacement ones from Great Britain.

Located in San Antonio, TX, click here to see the eBay listing.


Bill said...

The first car I bought with my own ($35) money was one of these when I was age 14....Sold it for $100 to buy MG TD. One of my neighbors today has a "restored" 105e with a 13B Mazda and 5 speed from RX7. Stock body in original light blue color. Quick. Needs suspension development!!

Chris Keen said...

I wonder if there's a way to get a later Kent into this one, to take advantage of those technology advances... it was even in the first Ford Ka into the early '00s. Work the suspension & brakes, don't touch the paint, and hit some curves.

Unknown said...

Say... I had one of these...same color inside and out, too. justacargeek is familiar with that very car, in fact.

I recall getting out of a parking ticket I received in that car because there wasn't anything written under make or model on the citation. Apparently the meter maid just didn't know what it was.

Bill said...

All of the later Kent engines bolt in. The long stroke ones need a small fiddle on the engine mounts, but everything up to a 2170cc Cosworth BDP has the same bellhousing and overall dimensions!
Also Sierra(Merkur) 5 speed gearbox.

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