Friday, August 13, 2010

1960 Mercedes-Benz Binz Station Wagon

Talk about a rare car. The Mercedes-Benz "Ponton" station wagon was only available in the US as a special order.

Technically, these weren't built by MB. They were built by BINZ & Co.

Lorcher Karosseriefabrik (Lorch Body Manufacturer) BINZ & Co. was founded in 1936. In the early years much of Binz's business was building truck cabs. After WWII the company started building custom bodied Mercedes-Benz cars, mostly limos.

In the 1950s they began building Mercedes Benz station wagons. Binz was one of only 2 companies approved by Mercedes to build a wagon. Binz built Mercedes-Benz station wagons until 1965.

Around 50 of these cars were purchased in the US. I can't find any information as to how many have survived. I suspect very few.

Back in 2008 one appeared on eBay with an asking price of $14,000.00 (See Bring A Trailer's post about it here) This one has an asking price of just $4000.00

"Ponton" Mercedes-Benz cars are not extremely valuable and, depending on how much rust this car has, you could easily spend more restoring it than it's worth. Still, it's the rarest of all Ponton MBs and a very cool piece of history. This car deserves to be restored.

Located in Horsham, PA, click here to see the Craigslaist ad.

A big thanks to Jon for sending me the link to this car.

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Anonymous said...

SO sexy. Love it. Too bad I'm more of a shallow-pocked, Saab/Volvo lover, but this is a massively rare vehicle which I'd love to own. The cool thing is that sites like yours will help it get to an owner that will treat it right.