Wednesday, August 25, 2010

His & Hers Opel Kadett Rallyes

An Opel Kadett Rallye is a pretty rare sight these days. There just aren't many around anymore.

Here's your chance to own two. Two identical ones, no less. Both have been extensively restored, but both need some minor work.

The Opel Kadett Rallye was, for the most part, nothing more than an appearance package. The Rallye package consisted of a fake wood steering wheel, fog lights, body striping, a gauge package and some chrome wheels. It had an aggressive (for the late 1960s / early 1970s) look to it.

It received the biggest engine Opel offered in the US, the 1.9 liter cam-in-head 4. I couldn't find any 0-60 times for this car, but the exact same engine moved the Opel GT to 60 in 10.8 seconds, so, accounting for the less aerodynamic shape of the Kadett, 60 MPH probably comes somewhere in the high 11 - low 12 second range. That's really not too bad for a 1960s 4 cylinder car. Handling can best be described as predictable and safe, but hardly exciting. The wheel bolt pattern and offset are the same on the Kadett as the BMW 2002, so there are all sorts of wheel / tire packages you could get for this car that would improve handling.

Both cars need work. The 1969 (on the left in the top picture) needs an antenna, front wheel alignment, carpet and fog light bulbs. The 1968 needs an antenna, front end alignment, a throwout bearing and carpeting. The '68 is also missing the fog lights.

It seems kind of strange that the seller is selling the cars as a pair. But he is, so here's your chance to pick up one for yourself and one for your wife / husband / girlfriend / boyfriend / significant other / partner, etc. If your your wife / husband / girlfriend / boyfriend / significant other / partner, etc. isn't a car geek (and let's face they'd really have to be a car geek to appreciate an Opel Kadett Rallye, not just an "Oh, I like cars" type of person), you'll have one to drive and one to replace it when it finally dies. Being exactly the same, no one will know you switched cars.

Located in Perth Amboy, NJ, click here to see the eBay listing.


digger derricks said...

They sure have great engines and are good inside out.Thanks for the is lovely catching up with the news of the market.

Anonymous said...

1968 Opel Rallye 1.9 listed as 0-60 12.1 seconds and the 1/4 mile in 18.3. I had several Opels over the years, but the only Kadette Rallye was a donor car. It had been t-boned and the body was shot, but the running gear was fine. The 1.9 went into my 71 Manta. I think they were pretty good cars that were just marketed wrong in the USA. Notice how "Mini" is a separate branding entity. Not "Mini" by BMW. "Opel by Buick" was just misguided.

Anonymous said...

I bought a brand new gold colored Rally in 1968 after my 63 Chevy SS was totaled in a rear end accident.

It was really quick and could keep up and often outrun a 289--2 barrel Mustang.

It had a in-the-head cam engine that provided lots of torque. Lots of guys laughed that slender 20 year old gal who would look for a good race on the back roads, but not many would run and tell.

I always ran Sunoco 260, kept the filters clean, installed an Abarth tuned exhaust and tweeted a few things here and there, like installing a full sized clutch from a Buick of the same year--a secret not many knew about.

I raced on the 1/4 mile and on the short track gymkanas and the like.

Problems? The front end had a shimmy at 55 mph that I could never get rid of so I drove at 60 0r 55. A transmission rear end seal went out by the time I knew about it the transmission needed replaced. That is when I had a friend put the Buick clutch in.

In 1968 terms the car ran. Now, if the same car was produced a v-6 would be great. My hopes in 1970 was to set it up to SCCA standards and race it as a sedan but life took me to nursing school and the dollars were no longer there.

So after numerous new, classics and showroom floor cars, where is the Opal? Near the top. Loved that car. How about looking back. Guess I wished the Opal GT was on the market when I was ready to buy. Still druel when one drives by me.

Shelly...NE Ohio

Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

Where are these cars now? October 2018. Exact same car was my first car I bought in January of 1970. It had 95 miles on it when I bought it.