Monday, August 16, 2010

A Pair of Saab "Airflow" 900s

I saw one of these on the road a year or so ago and thought it was a Saab with an aftermarket bodykit. In a way it kind of is, but it's a kit from Saab.

There's not a whole lot written about the Airflow package. According to, it was apparently a dealer installed option and very expensive.

It sounds like you could order this package on any Saab 900 model, except the SPG (Why would you? The SPG already had great ground effects.), coupe or convertible. Most however, according to a post on Saab Central, were put on the cheaper "S" model. ("Almost all the Airflow 900's in the US seem to be on S models, I figure the 900 S and Airflow kit were significantly cheaper than the SPG model with Aerokit, and the 900 Turbo + Airflow was more than the SPG and nobody cared enough.")

There are 2 Saabs with the Airflow kit available now on eBay.

The 1987 coupe has the full treatment including the whaletail. The seller found it 10 years ago in San Diego, CA.

According to the seller, it was a daily driver, then a show car and the put in storage for a number of years. The clearcoat is peeling and it has a few other minor body flaws. It needs some A/C work and the power windows "stick". It also appears to be missing its foglights.

This car is also a "European Edition", which is another Saab dealer package. According to the seller, "The European Edition was a dealer package put together for 1987, all are silver airflow cars, supposedly to reflect what was "cool" in Europe at the time".

Located in Greenwood, IN, click here to see the eBay listing.

The 1989 convertible also has an Airflow package. It does not have a whaletail and I suspect one wasn't available for the ragtop.

This car has a new top, new seats, new paint and carpets and BBS wheels. The seller does not give any particulars about the cars mechanicals, other than stating "This particular 900S is in exceptional condition".

Located in Apison, TN, click here to see the eBay listing.


Jon said...

The convertible is sharp, but the body cladding the silver coupe looks awful.

Jon said...

Regarding the Kirstie Alley silver coupe.

Try and find a similar photo of a plain old Saab 99, and then compare the two. Even the 99 Turbo (with the wing) is better looking.

The differences just jump out.

One huge flaw is the combination of the whale tail, the bumper, and the skirt beneath the bumper.

The rest of the car is no aesthetic picnic either.

breath saab said...

everyone on this page is an idiot. i know a kid in high school who knows more about 900's than anyone on this page. you should try NOT making shit up. ever heard of literature?