Saturday, August 14, 2010

Weekend Quickies, Saturday, August 14, 2010

1982 Alfa Romeo Alfetta GTV2.0 - This is pretty interesting to look at, at least it is for those of us who live in North America.

Alfa discontinued the Alfetta GT in North America after the 1979 model year. In 1982 they started sending us the GTV6, essentially an Alfetta GT with a V6 instead of an I4.

There were a few visual differences between the Alfetta GT and the GTV6, too... The GTV6 had bigger taillights, a longer drip rail, lower body moulding, a bump on the hood and, most notably, a different dash with all the instruments in front of the driver.

The Alfetta GT carried on in other parts of the world, including Australia where this one is located. It was renamed the Alfetta GTV2.0.

Take a good look at this.. It has the GTV6 taillights, drip rail and body moulding. It retains the Alfetta GT's flat hood and dashboard. It's a sharp looking car. It would have made a nice "entry level" Alfa here in the US.

Located in NSW, Australia, click here to see the ad.

A big thanks to Simon in Australia for sending me this link!

1965 Innocenti Spider - This is quite possibly the worst ad I've ever seen.

"1965 innocenti spyder 1098cc austin engine 4 speed needs restored $1000"

No need to go to the ad now, you've just seen it all. One sentence, one picture and I've copied them both.

I wrote about an Innocenti Spyder back in February, 2009. You can find the post here.

These are really cool old cars. If the missing pieces are stashed somewhere else in the garage and if it's not too rusty (a BIG if), this car could be a bargain at $1000.00.

Located in Omaha, NE, click here to see the Craigslist ad.

A big thanks to Jon for sending me this link!

1989 Acura Legend Coupe - It's so nice to see an older Japanese car that hasn't been "customized". This is a one owner car with just 88,000 miles on it. It appears to be flawless.

The V6 that came in this car was a gem. This one is mated to a 5 speed manual transmission.

I have to admit that I have a tough time accepting an Acura (or Lexus or Infinity) as a classic (except maybe for the NSX, I guess), but this is a classic, whether I accept that or not. 10 years from now, when these cars are selling for twice (or more) the price of this one, I'll kick myself for not buying one when they were cheap.

Located in Pasadena, CA, click here to see the Craigslist ad.


Anonymous said...

I used to work in the service dept for an Acura dealer when these cars were new. They really are great cars. Incredibly reliable. Honestly the only work we ever did was maintenance and the occasional replacement of window seals from air noise.

While this would certainly make a nice car for someone, I beg to argue with you that these will ever be considered a collector car. They simply made too many of them. I guess in my mind collector cars are cars that are uncommon or special in some way. In the car of most Japanese cars they are produced in too high of volumes to be ever considered rare or special.

Just A Car Geek said...

I guess I should define my definition of "classic"...

I look at this as being in 10 years what a BMW 2002 is today. A desired old car. An old car that can be driven every day.

10 years or so ago you could find a really nice 2002 (except the tii) for around $2000.00. Now they're double that. That's what I think will happen with the Acura (especially the coupe). I don't think they'll ever be extremely valuable.

Sorry about the confusion...


Richard said...

Funny how the Acura Legend is an extremely reliable car while the Rover 800/Sterling was an electrical nightmare. Poor rover.

I'd say this is a classic, numbers of production mean very little imho, look at Fox Body Mustangs or Mark II European Escorts, built in massive numbers and now low millage, well taken care of examples are sought after because there are so few. Just don't expect massive monetary returns for your investment.