Wednesday, September 1, 2010

John's 1974 MG Midget - Finally For Sale After 20+ Years

You've probably seen me thank John now and then for sending me links to various cars. I've known John for a long time. We don't see each other much these days, but at one time we were part of a little group of car geeks that used to hang around a repair shop owned by our mutual friend, Jeff.

John is selling his MG Midget. He's had this car for quite awhile. He traded his 1979 Supra for it almost 24 years ago. It's moved from Massachusetts, where he grew up, to Ohio, where he lives now. For as long as I can remember John has been saying, "Yeah, I've got to get around to finishing the Midget". He also has a BMW 2002 project. He's finally realized that if one is going to be completed the other has to go. He's chosen to get rid of the Midget.

John's an honest guy and he starts his Craigslist ad off with the lines, "Someone buy my Midget. You name it, it's wrong with it."

It's really not that bad, but it does need a lot of work. The really bad news is that the engine is "worn out" and the transmission needs a bearing. The interior needs to be completely refurbished.

The good news is that the car is complete. By MG Midget standards, it has very little rust. The worst rust area is one small spot on the right rear dogleg. John did some work to it along the way and the car has a Carrara tube shock conversion on all 4 corners, new used rear leaf springs and uprated front springs from Victoria British. (Or as John calls them, "springs from Victoria Secret". Nothing like sexy front springs, I guess.)

John is including a number of spares with this car, including an engine and a Datsun 5 speed transmission. (Which is very easy to install in a Midget and makes the car a much better highway cruiser.)

This is definetly not a "get in and drive it home" car, but if you're looking for a Midget project and want to buy it from someone who will give you straight answers about the car, this Midget may be for you.

Located in Willoughby, OH, click here to see the Craigslist ad.


pf said...

Speaking of Jeff, I hope I didn't miss the follow-up to the story about his travails with the local authorities over all those pesky car guys hanging out at his place and working on their cars. I've been in suspense for months -- hope I didn't miss something while on vacation!

Love this site -- both the cars and the stories. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Stop asking about Jeff and buy my Midget with it's sexy front springs!


Bill said...

Would this be John Hardy? I knew a man of that name with a Midget like this a long time ago....