Monday, October 18, 2010

1962 Panhard PL17 - "Sold Shortly Before Its Death" (Or Something Like That)

I don't know why I'm even attempting this one... I guess I just want to get something posted after a week of inactivity.

Google Translator should be labeled "For Amusement Purposes Only". It's useless. This is how it translated the text from the German eBay listing:
Panhard of sovereign Rainier of Monaco!!!!

I possess the vehicle even already more long, came however not to the restoration. The vehicle is solely roll capable and must become (s. pictures) completely restored.

Used why the vehicles by sovereign Rainier became is me unknown or by his wife (Grace Kelly. ..Gratia Patritia)?

The vehicle was in any case over 40 years in the possession of the sovereign and was sold shortly before its death.

An original document out of Monaco (s. photo) is about!!!!

Also determines interesting for firms, casino, Oldtimerclubs ...

Do you or need another gift to the Hochteit of Albert?

The Panhard can be seen after consultation.

Inquire please per enamel over Ebay.
Would that be latex or oil based enamel? Wow.

Everything about the sale of this car is weird. If you go to the US eBay site, you'll see a listing for a picture of this car (which the seller isn't going to send you) telling you to go to the German eBay website to see the car's actual listing.

When you go to the German eBay listing you find a Panhard PL17 in rough, but restorable condition. (This car is listed as an L4, which was a version of the PL17)

Whether or not this car was once owned by the Prince Rainier doesn't really matter. The PL17 is a really cool old car. It's powered by a flat 2 cylinder air cooled engine. The suspension is insane and brilliant. The front has upper and lower transverse leaf springs, while the back has a complex set up of torsion bars. The transmission is a 4 speed with a column mounted shifter.

Panhard sold these cars in the US for awhile, but they didn't sell well and there are very few left. I guess, if you're a fan of His Serene Highness The Sovereign Prince of Monaco, this car would be interesting to own. If not, I'd hold out for one in better shape and with less "history".

Located in Germany, click here to see the eBay listing.


Anonymous said...

I am very agreeably surprised to see your return. All the"normal" car websites are crammed with hype about the Chevy Volt and I was beginning to have withdrawal symptoms.
What a perfect car to bring you back online! The Monaco sovereign certainly had an eclectic collection and this Panhard certainly could have been part of it. (I always thought his name was "Rain-ear", the locals pronounce it "Han-yay" Go figure.There is actually a small museum up the hill from the harbor with some of his cars in it. The best time to go is in May when Bonhams has their big exotic car auction. Everything from Fiat Jolly to Lamborghini Countach in the line-up.)

PF said...

Forget the car, it makes my morning just to have the car geek back. May the computer gods be with you.

longrooffan said...

Welcome back....I think I am safe in saying everyone missed you terribly. And what a car to come back with.

By the way, my word verification word is "calais"!