Friday, October 8, 2010

1970 Daihatsu Compagno Pickup Truck ("Ute")

You have to love Australia. Some of the coolest / weirdest cars turn up there.

Until tonight, I had never seen or heard of a Daihatsu Compagno. There's not a lot written about the them.

Basically, everything I can find on the internet says the same thing... The Campagno was built by Daihatsu prior to it's takeover by Toyota. Between 1964–1970 they sold around 120,000 of them. They were all four-cylinder, two-door sedans or convertibles.

Well, not all were two-door sedans or convertibles, because this one is a pickup truck, or "ute" as they call them down under.

This is a really cool looking little truck. The sedan and convertible were designed by Vignale (which probably explains the Italian sounding name) and the front end of this truck is very similar to those.

The interior is sparse, but the dashboard, with its little hood over the round gauges, looks much better than most of the inexpensive cars coming out of Japan in the 1960s.

This truck / ute looks to be in rough shape, but restorable. The seller leaves very, very little info about it, but does say he drives it "often".

I have no idea what one of these are worth. The "Buy It Now" price is AU $4,800.00, or roughly US $4700.00. For anyone living outside Australia, this would easily become a $10,000.00+ truck after shipping and restoration costs are factored in (and the price would be substantially higher if you pay to have it restored). BUt, if you have the cash and want a very rare (and possibly never seen outside of Asia and Australia) pickup truck to bring to car shows, this Daihatsu would be perfect.

Located in Doonan, Queensland, Australia, click here to see the (Australian) eBay listing.

A big thanks to JaCG reader, Michael, for sending me the link to this vehicle!


m4ff3w said...

Did you buy a Camry and disappear?

longrooffan said...

All this olelongrooffan can say is that when I went to comment on Just A Car Geek's absence, the work verification is "later".

Unknown said...

Wonderful little truck. I have one myself. Just restored it to original yellow colour. Looking for parts if anyone out there knows where I could search for such things.