Monday, October 25, 2010

1976 Lancia Scorpion Turbo - The Scorpion To Own

This is the Scorpion to own.

The Scorpion was known as the Montecarlo everywhere except North America, where Chevy was using the Monte Carlo name. Sadly, the name wasn't the only difference between the European version and the US spec car. Here in the US we got a smaller, emissions strangled, 1756cc engine, that put out just 81 HP. In Europe the car came with a 1995cc, 120 HP engine. The complaint most often heard about the Scorpion when it was new was its lack of power.

The body was designed by Pininfarina and there is nothing wrong with it. Even in US trim, with "diving board" bumpers and steel buttresses, it is a great looking car.

This car has an interesting history. It was featured at the 1976 Washington State Auto Show in Seattle. According to the seller, "immediately" after the show the car was delivered to Performance Apex in Renton, WA for the turbo conversion. Performance Apex has a great history and is one of those names you often see when looking at beautifully restored or customized Fiats and Lancias. (They're still in business. You can find their website here.) P.A. gave the car a turbo along with dual Weber 40DCOE carbs, stainless steel valves with heavy duty springs, Grant racing piston rings, new exhaust and headers, alcohol injection and an MSD ignition.

The seller runs the car at 8.25psi of boost, but claims that with aviation fuel it can run 12psi of boost. The seller doesn't mention horsepower, but I suspect that even at 8.25 lbs of boost, it's putting out around 140 - 150 HP. (That's a "wag" - wild ass guess - based on similar sized engines running similar boost.) I have no idea what it puts out with 12psi of boost.

The body has mercifully been left stock, except for replacing the steel buttresses with the European glass style. The body and interior of this car - which are original - are the nicest I've seen. The claim of this car having just 25,000 miles on it is absolutely believable.

This is a Scorpion with the performance to match the beautiful body.

Located in Palmyra, PA, click here to see the eBay listing.


Bill said...

Oh my aching heart....And it is nearby as well. Good thing I used up this years car budget racing Miatas.

Max Power said...

Gulp...I love you Scorpion...always one of my favorite cars growing up. Especially in silver with the red interior however, I am a fan of the steel buttresses.

I do believe however, that the glass buttresses had nothing to do with Euro or American spec. The latter Scorpions all had the glass butresses while early ones were steel. They were only imported for the 1976 model year but had plenty of leftovers for 1977.

Bob said...

Oh why, oh why did I see this post 5 years too late?

Bob said...

PS - Did this blog move to another site? Is it still being updated?