Saturday, October 23, 2010

1983 Alfa Romeo 33 - In US

US law allows us to import any car that is 25 years old or older without having to worry about DOT or EPA regulations. A 25 year old car is now anything produced in 1985 or earlier.

This Alfa 33 is a perfectly legal car.

The 33 was the replacement for the legendary (or infamous, depending on your point of view) Alfa Romeo Alfasud. It wasn't really a new car, it was more of an update of the 'Sud.

The body was designed by Centro Stile Alfa Romeo. It is an angular car with a high back end. Alfa would later copy this style for the 75 (Milano in the US). Personally, I think it's a great looking car.

The engine was the flat 4 Alfa used in the Alfasud. It's a powerful engine and with regular, routine maintenance, a reliable engine.

The 33 handled very well, but braking was not as good as it should have been. While the Alfasud came with 4 wheel disc brakes, the 33 inexplicably had drums in the back.

Alfa also built a 4WD version of the 33. Which did quite well in competition against 4WD Audis.

The 33 was not without its problems. There were electrical issues early on and rust was a big problem (It was not as much of a problem as it was with the Alfasud, which was legendary for its rust problems.) These issues were addressed by the time this car was built.

This car appears to be in very, very nice condition. It is an "Absolute Edition". The Absolute Edition came with a wood wheel, power steering and air-conditioning.

Parts for this car are almost impossible to find in the US, but readily available in Europe.

This is a really cool car to find in the US. The asking price of $4900.00 seems quite reasonable.

Located in Denver, CO, click here to see the eBay listing.


pickles said...

YOU need this car. It's perfect for you, right?? I'll hold out for more Renault 5 options myself. This could look amazing next to a sweet Peugeot 505 wagon...

Just A Car Geek said...

I don't know that I "need" this car, but I sure do want it!

I sold the Peugeot. I was put in touch with someone who really needed it - He's a Peugeot freak who is restoring a similar wagon - I was going to use it 'til it died and then move on. Now it will be keeping another Peugeot on the road. It's being picked up and trailered to Pennsylvania this weekend.

I have to admit that I made a few bucks on it, which certainly made it easier to part with!

The 33 wouldn't look bad next to my BMW, though!

Unknown said...

First of all I gotta say I like this blog a lot since I also consider myself a car geek.

Sadly this model from Alfa stil holds a very bad reputation here in Europe. The Alfa 33 was a very brilliantly engineered car but had a awful build quality. Anyway these were awesome cars, very sportive. My father use to have 33 1.7 Quadrifoglio from 1986, and traded it for an Audi 90 in 1988 after lots of reliability issues

Why is this 33 listed as a 1983 model? The front ends reveal it's a facelifted 33 wjis was released back in 1990.

Regards from Spain!!

Just A Car Geek said...

djcocum -

If it was listed as a 1990, it would not be legal in the US.

Thanks for the compliments!


Blair Russell said...

Well, DJ, it's always possible that the seller lied to the DMV (it's happened before) and stated that the car is older than it actually is so that it could be imported and titled legally. It's happened more times than you may think.

Max Power said...

Yeah this is the updated 33 with the new fornt and rear ends. I remember being in Italy in 1983 when I first saw the first generation 33 and I absolutely hated it and then when Alfa did the restyle with the updated front and the 164-like rear, I fell in love with it.