Friday, October 1, 2010

1990 BMW Z1

Well here's something you don't see often in the US, a BMW Z1.

The Z1 was was built for just 3 years, 1989 - 1991. In retrospect, it wasn't a great car (it was very good), but it was an incredible stage for BMW to show off it's latest technology.

That technology included removable plastic body panels, a composite undercarriage, and of course, the electrically operated, drop down doors.

The front suspension and drivetrain were straight out of the 325i. The car hit 60 MPH in a little under 8 seconds.

BMW made just 8000 of these cars. They never offered it for sale in the US. This car was brought in under a "show and display" exemption and has since been DOT & EPA certified.

This Z1 has just 25,700 miles on it and is, of course, in very, very good condition.

Located in Florida, click here to see the eBay listing.


m4ff3w said...

I've always really liked the Z1. Such a neat little run-about.

Alan said...

The BMW Z1 is a great little car. I've had the pleasure of borrowing one for a couple of weeks in the summer. It feels like you're in a beach buggy.