Saturday, October 2, 2010

Weekend Quickies, October 2, 2010

1970 Hydrogen Powered AMC Gremlin - This is really interesting.

From the eBay listing: "This is one of the first modern day Hydrogen-powered automobile experiments, developed by a team at UCLA. The car was a collaborative effort with donated components from General Motors, Ford Motor Company, George Barris ( ), Hooker, Edelbrock, Union Carbide and Impco to give this vehicle a 68 mile range! George Barris provided the roll cage that doubles as a luggage rack! There is a Ford BOSS 351 engine also.

Yes, its one of a kind. It won the overall Urban Vehicle Design Competition in 1972, a one-time event that brought together 64 North American universities in a contest to see who could build the most innovative vehicle.

The seller leaves a link to a 2004 Wired magazine article. It's worth reading, you can find it here.

Talk about a car that needs to be restored and brought to car shows...

Located in Tampa, FL, click here to see the eBay listing.

1970 Mini Turbo - This has to be a blast to drive. This is a Mini with a built Austin / MG Metro 1300 Turbo motor. According to the seller is produces 153 HP.

This car has never been titled or registered in the US and comes only with its British paperwork.

Located in Los Angeles, CA, click here to see the Craigslist ad.

2000 Ferrari 360 - Today is my son's 11th birthday. I called him and asked him what car he would choose if he could have any car in the world for his birthday.

He replied "A Ferrari".

Looks like I'll need to start selling ads (and lots of them) on this site.

Happy birthday, Jack! This one (the post, not the car!) is for you...

Located in Marin County, CA, click here to see the eBay listing.


pickles said...

It's funny.. probably most of your readers (me, at least) would want a Ferrari after about a hundered other wierder, less obvious cars -yet, it's still a seductive ride. I just saw good 'ol Sammy Hagar driving his black and red Ferrari the other day in Mill Valley, CA. He looked pretty happy..

Happy birthday to your son!

Blair Russell said...

Yeah, I'll agree that many of the readers would prefer to own a quirky car (from France or a car that only had a few thousand or less of that model produced or whatever) but a Ferrari is almost always nice to look at and of course I'd love to drive one. Alas, I don't have as much money as Sammy Hagar does, by any means.

That hydrogen car... I believe I've seen it advertised on eBay earlier this year but I could be mistaken. It's a great investment for some oddball who can even get hydrogen on a regular basis to run it. I know I couldn't. I mean, from Tampa it'd stop running before I could drive it and park it in my driveway.

Anyway, I hope that your son had a nice birthday.