Monday, November 8, 2010

1960 Morris Minor Pickup

I can imagine someone buying this Morris, dropping a modern Japanese engine in it, putting some chrome wheels on it and painting it bright yellow with flames. God, that would suck.

The Morris Minor was designed by Alec Issigonis. It made its debut in 1948. Production continued through 1971. It was hugely popular in England. Here in the US it was less successful, due in no small part to BMC's decision not to spend much time and money marketing it here. In total, 1.6 million Morris Minors were produced.

From 1952 on, the Minor used the BMC A Series engine. Besides the Minor, these engines (in various sizes) powered the Austin Healey Sprite / MG Midget, Mini, MG 1100, Austin America and dozens of cars we never officially saw here in the US. Parts are very easy to find and relatively cheap. The A Series engine is tough and reliable, if not extremely powerful.

Morris Minor pickup trucks are rare in the US. This one appears to have at one time been used as some sort of work truck. It has a large utility bumper on the back along with a trailer hitch. (I don't know what the towing capacity of a Morris Minor is, but I bet it's not much.) The head is off the engine and and you can see some rust on the cylinder walls. Instead of spending a ton of time and money rebuilding it, it would be a good idea to drop in a 1275cc A engine. The body has a lot of surface rust, but it doesn't appear to have any serious rot. The interior is beat, but complete.

Morris Minors are not worth a lot of money, and you'd most likely spend more restoring this one than it's worth, but a cool old left-hand-drive Morris pickup like this one deserves to be saved.

Located in Pleasant Prairie, WI, click here to see the eBay listing.


Chris Keen said...

Judging by the plate, it's a former California car, so with any luck there's not too much hidden rust... nice find.

Congratulations on the anniversary. I don't proofread either.

PF said...

And perhaps it did some commercial service in an even drier climate prior to the time of that California plate. The last ebay photo shows a "Valley National Bank credit card welcome here" decal with the logo for the Valley National Bank of Arizona, aborbed into Banc One in 1993. But no telling where it was in 1960...

Unknown said...

How much are you asking for the morris ?

Anonymous said...

Is this sweetheart still for sale?

Unknown said...

Looks like my Dad's truck,became mine.Sold it in Sacramento,bout 10yrs ago to a better home.Sure hope it's my Daddy's truck,please answer.I really hope it is. Shannon in clearlake ca.