Tuesday, November 9, 2010

1964 Hillman Super Minx Convertible

I just thought I'd point this out...

I featured a Hillman Minx earlier this month. (You can find the post here.) It was a sedan and it was in rough shape.

This is a Hillman Super Minx. When the Super Minx was introduced in 1961 it was supposed to replace the Minx. It didn't, and the two were sold side by side.

The Super Minx is a rare car in the US and this one appears to be in very restorable condition. Other than needing a new top, the body looks remarkably well preserved. The engine is Rootes 1725cc I4, the same engine found in the Sunbeam Alpine. Mechanical parts - compared to body and trim parts - are fairly easy to get.

The seller says this car runs well and it comes with a new top, carpet and other spare parts.

If you want something different to bring to your local British car show, this Super Minx could be a great choice.

Located somewhere in Kentucky, click here to see the eBay listing.

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