Monday, November 15, 2010

1980 Grey Market Porsche 928

The Porsche 928 represents one of the world's true automotive bargains. They're fast, comfortable, well engineered and wear a Porsche badge. They sell for next to nothing these days.

Maybe their lack of resale value has something to do with it being a front engine car. Porsche made no secret of the fact that this car was going to be the eventual replacement for the 911. 911 fans wanted no part of that. They kept buying the 911 and instead of replacing the 911, the 928 was sold side by side with it. The 911, of course, outlasted the 928.

The 928 was more refined than the 911, but it was still quick. 60 MPH came in 6.5 seconds and it's electronically limited top speed was 140 MPH.

This is an interesting 928. It's a grey market car. Compared to many other European car makers, Porsche was pretty good about keeping the US spec and Euro spec cars similar. Still, there are some differences.

According to a few websites the V8 engine in Euro spec put 237 HP (The seller writes that it's 230 - I don't know if he had it dynoed or is taking into account the federalization done to this car. OR, maybe he's right and the websites I looked at are wrong. That wouldn't be the first time that's happened.), vs. 219 for the US spec car. The Euro cars also had better headlights and, of course, European gauges. There were also some other slight differences.

This car is a 5 speed, which is somewhat rare and very desirable. At least here in the US, most 928s came with a Mercedes sourced automatic.

This is not a perfect car (the most serious issue would be a weak 2nd gear synchro), but it's a car you could drive as soon as you bought it. Most of the problems could be repaired in a weekend or two without taking the car off the road (except, of course, for the synchro). The body could use a little attention, but is in overall good shape. The seller describes the interior as having a lot of "character", but no "rips, tears, or major wear spots". Leave it alone and call it "patina".

The price is a very reasonable $3250.00. There are few cars with this type of performance and pedigree available for that kind of money.

Located in Plymouth MI, click here to see the Craigslist ad.

The seller has a Picasa album with 41 pictures of the car on it. You can find it here.


Jon said...

It looks black to me...

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure "Grey Market" means a car that has been illegally imported into the US. I don't think it has to do with color of the car :p

Maxichamp said...

I do believe that if the pictures had been taken under the blistering Las Vegas sun, a lot more flaws would appear.

enmotors said...

Grey Market only refers to the original destination of the vehicle. If the vehicle was not originally produced from the US market and brought in, the vehicle is a "Grey Market" vehicle, regardless if it was legally or illegally imported.