Tuesday, November 9, 2010

1984 Volvo 240 Turbo Wagon

Volvo made its reputation in the US by selling safe, well built, incredibly reliable cars.

The Volvo 240 Turbo Wagon is all of the above, but you can add "fun" to the description, too. The engine is a SOHC 2127cc I4, turbocharged with a Garrett turbo and an intercooler. Pretty simple, but it turns the boxy people mover into a really fun and fast car. 60 MPH comes in less than 10 seconds (I found a few claims of 8 seconds while researching this.) The suspension is simple too, with the rear being a live axle located by trailing arms and a panhard rod. It has front and rear sway bars and gas shocks. Again, simple, but it works well.

Volvo did very little to the body other than some blackout trim and adding some very nice looking (but fragile) wheels. That's what makes this car so cool... No one will know what you have and what this car can do.

This car is in very good condition. It has a few minor issues, but nothing that would prevent you from driving it the minute you bought it. The seller has maintained it well.

If I had the spare cash, this would be a car I'd buy in a heartbeat (or one like it). It's safe, reliable and looks like, well, an old Volvo. I'd put a dog in the backseat, stick one of those magnetic soccer balls on the liftgate and be completely invisible. This is the perfect sleeper.

Located in New York, NY, click here to see the eBay listing.

Turbobricks.com is a site dedicated to high performance Volvos. It's an interesting site, especially the very active forum. You can find it here.


m4ff3w said...

Turbo Volvos (especially wagons) are great fun, reliable, and full of utility.

The engines are tough; I was running over 20psi of boost on mine with only external modifications.

I tend to like the 700/900 cars more, as they have Bosch EFI as opposed to the K-Jet/CIS stuff in the 200 series cars.

njsimca said...

Sigh, I always get your emails too late, I guess I should check the blog more frequently! :-)

Anonymous said...

hey, I was the owner of this wagon and took those pictures. The car sold because a fellow saw your post and called me - thanks for the appreciation, recognition and free promotion. I believe it went to a very good home and he will take care of it the way I have.
cool site and again thanks