Thursday, November 18, 2010

1989 Volvo 780 (Bertone) Coupe

The Volvo 262C was the first coupe collaboration between Volvo and Bertone. Designed by Volvo and built by Bertone, its styling could politely be called controversial.

For its next attempt at a coupe, Volvo again called Bertone. This time they let Bertone do both the styling and construction. The result was this car, the 780. There is nothing controversial about it. Bertone designed a classy, well proportioned car.

For the first 2 years the 780 came with the 150 HP PRV V6 and a solid live rear axle. In 1988, Volvo switched to an independent rear suspension and offered the 175 HP turbo 4 cylinder. With the turbo engine and revised suspension, the 780 became an all around fun car; a car that was as fun to drive on twisty mountain roads as it was comfortable on the highway.

Being an old Volvo, the mechanical bits are bulletproof and easy to acquire. However, most of the body panels and trim pieces are unique to the 780 and are tougher find.

This is an honest 780. It's being sold by a person who has owned "15 RWD Volvos". It's not a show car, but a good solid driver. It's a classy classic you could drive everyday.

The seller is refreshingly honest about the price of this car. There are a number of 780s on eBay right now with Buy It Now prices of around $7000.00. They're nice cars, but those are fantasy prices in my opinion. In response to an e-mail asking about a Buy It Now price, the seller of this one writes "I am going to stick with the auction format this time around. Going by recent 780 sales on eBay $1500 will likely win the auction." Italian style and Swedish durability for $1500.00? Sounds like a bargain to me.

Located in Saint Paul, MN, click here to see the eBay listing.


m4ff3w said...

The 780 is a really nice looking car. I've had 3 740 Turbos, they are tough as nails and quicker than they should be.

Fun trivia:
The fuel door/trunk release on the 780 is shared with the Fiat X1/9, Ferrari 308, Lamborghini Countach, who knows what else.

JT said...

Also, in the final couple years of this model, they offered a high performance option...pretty much just EPROM tuning I believe, but it was good for another 15-20hp. Just going off memory.

Don't fool yourself on reliability though. I had a couple mid-late 80's 740 turbo wagons (5-speeds too--pretty rare), and they are absolute reliability nightmares, with primarily electrical issues.

P said...

Now that's heaven on earth right there! What an awesome car, the 780!

m4ff3w said...

I've had '91 and '92 740 Turbo Wagons and an '88 740 Turbo sedan. All were very reliable.

The option JT spoke about was the Turbo Plus. It was en electronic boost controller, it allowed for more boost than stock.