Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Massachusetts Auction Update - The Totals

Back on November 10, I wrote a post about some cars being auctioned in Massachusetts today. (Find it here.) I'm listening to the auction live right now. These are the selling prices for the cars I pictured in the original post.

1982 BMW 628CSI Convertible - $20,000.00

1976 Triumph TR6 - $4250.00

1964 Studebaker Daytona - $5250.00

1981 BMW 733i Touring - $6000.00


Maxichamp said...

How about some pictures and a price for the 300ZX BiTurbo? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

The Biturbo went for $5,250, It was absolutely beautiful and ran great. It was a turbo with a custom job that put it in an extra turbo. Someone is going to get a lot of joy out of that

I bought the 2 BMWs. The convertible was basically good as new and is happily at home now. This was incredibly well done and the structural work added was phenomenal. This is the best E24 convertible ever. It has power windows in the rear and all the paperwork. The wagon was in very good shape and that surface rust was largely just dirt which had washed away. That will be going into the shop for a tune up. The interior was fantastic other than just a few specs here and there. It will take around an hour to get the interior looking as good as new. The title and paperwork showed it was purchased for $15k in 2000. I wasn’t going to buy it but how could I pass it up. The guy I out bid had no idea what it was and told me he was going to use it to put an M5 engine in it. Thank god I got it. I am not sure where I am going to put this though. I am maxed out with space and this put me over.
The TR6 was also a very good deal. The BMW Vixen went for $1k. I can’t believe what they paid for the Studabaker though.

Jon said...

Congrats Anonymous!

Did either BMW have any paperwork regarding conversion history?

The reason I'm asking is that supposedly the wagon is one of two cars that were converted to wagon status under the auspices of BMW. It apparently was then shown at the Frankfurt Auto Show.

If BMW was actually involved in the design, this would really place it in the prototype category. The other conversions on the net really have nothing in common with your car.

If you have any history (other that ebay sales) could you let us fellow car geeks in on it?

Bill said...

Sorry you seem so negative about the Studebaker. They ('64s especially) were the best American cars. Mechanically outdated when new, but very durable except for body rust. Yes, besides my Fiat, I have a Stude....And a Volvo 240, which is really the Euro equivalent in size and shape if not as fast. If this Studebaker was in as nice shape as the BMWs the price was a little below market for an automatic V8. Better parts availability today than when it was new. Great Studebaker Drivers Club for support as well. I hope the new owner uses it, not just stashes it away again.

Anonymous said...

I don’t know the Studebakers at all. It was in very very good shape. Paint, chrome and interior were great. There is no doubt about that at all. Sorry if it came off as negative. It was not intended to be. They got a pristine car. You could use that in the Great American race now by probably just changing the oil.

Green said...

I too was at the auction.
I was very interested in the wagon.
The brakes were very rusty.
The auction company said they did not want to start it
because it had old gas.
Didn't bother them to start all the other cars with old gas.
I had the feeling that they may have started it and fowled the injectors.
The man or women who bought it said they asked that it not be started.
Wish they had told us that.
Also the vin number were looked up on the BMW ETK by a friend and the vin for the wagon show a sedan and the vin on the CS ends in 00 and does not exist in the ETK in any world wide market.
Wonder where it came from?

Anonymous said...

Yes I asked them not to start it the week before and told them they shouldn’t start any of the low mileage cars unless they were sure of the gas and oil. They announced at the auction that they had chosen not to start it because of the age of the gas. They had actually started the Camaro and it died and then smelled of fuel. I have the wagon going in for a full fluids change tomorrow. The brake rotors are rusty but that is not a big deal either and hardly surprising with 900 miles in 10 years.

Anonymous said...

By the way the guy who got the Camaro got a great deal with that and the 300ZX which I was really close to bidding on. He had a great day. They are both fantastic cars that are close to as good as new. Changing the fluids and filters is only to be expected on every car there that didn’t have a current inspection sticker.

Anonymous said...

no offense but $20,000 for the aftermarket E24 convertible..I can only realistically see paying that for a sweet E24 M6 if we were speaking about a good BMW E24 investment...I really like the E23 wagon 2 bad prior owner let it go..from the up close pics I'd say it needs more than just a cleaning... rust around those roof rails isn't going to wash away with water...but its still the best investment should be worth exactly what the prior owner paid in 2000 after its gets a nice paint & restored mechanical/interior..

Anonymous said...

Yea the convertible is a car I plan on driving and enjoying for the next 30 years and with 8K miles and I am not too worried about it. I would have rather paid less but am I honestly going to care in a few years? I don’t think so. I might as well get some enjoyment out of it vs the half a percent interest I am getting in the bank.

Anonymous said...

gotcha...essentially fun cars are meant to be enjoyed & that e24 convertible is a unique fun ride... prices of course, are subjective.. ..the E32 is the real long term value... research its provenance for sure & be careful how much you invest in it..if done right I can see it being easily worth at least $15,000-$25,000 in the future....good luck with them

Just A Car Geek said...

Personal opinion... $26,000.00 for 2 rare BMWs is very, very fair. If you think of them as being $13,000.00 a piece, they become genuine bargains. (I wish I knew that the wagon was going to go so cheap - I had it pegged in my mind at $12K - I would have blown off my dinner plans and attended the auction!)

The fact that he's going to hold on to and drive the convertible is great. Even if there are other ones around like it, there are no guarantees that they will ever come up for sale. This may have been a once in a lifetime opportunity. (I bet everyone reading this blog has a car - or, at least in my case, several cars - that we now regret we passed on buying.)

I'm no expert, but I believe the buyer did very, very well.

Anon - The wagon has a sedan VIN because, being a prototype, show car, or whatever it is, it was never an official model. It was based on a sedan chassis. It retained that car's VIN.


Anonymous said...

Steal on the wagon, but I dunno about the 'vert. As someone said, that's low mileage M6 money for a heavy car with the 2.8 liter motor. Also, I remember the aftermarket convertible conversions from the 80's, and for the buyer's sake I hope the quality of this one differs from my memory. ;-)

Not dogging your purchase Anon---if it's a good deal to you, that's all that matters....just chipping in my .02.

Anonymous said...

I saw some of the pics of the other conversions and thank god this is nothing like this. I have been told it was done by a California company that specialized in converting Ferrari Daytonas to convertibles. I am not sure of this yet though as I was also told it may have been done in Belgium . They quality is fantastic. They interior is actually all updated and improved over a normal 6 and I can’t believe the bracing under the car. This car has electric rear windows and top and a fantastic boot which was not part of the hack ones. I will get photos in someday. I am tracking its ownership back. It was bought by a local woman in Feb 1985 with 2,000 miles. Before that it was in Illinois before it came from Germany. I have to get the wagon straightened out first before get this baby on the road for the spring.

I hope Dave can see these

Anonymous said...

dayum ... this is getting the full write-up over at jalopnik today