Friday, November 12, 2010

MORE About the BMW 733i Touring Being Auctioned in Massachusetts

There has been a TON of interest in the BMW 733i Touring I posted a few days ago.

I e-mailed the auction house yesterday requesting some recent pictures and these arrived this morning.

Check out the manual windows!

This is by far not the worst car I have ever seen.

All the info in one spot:

The auction is taking place Tuesday, November 16, 2010 at 2PM

The address is:
70 Calvary Street
Waltham, MA

You can also bid via the internet.

The link to the auction house's site is here.
I was fascinated by this car when I first saw it and, after all the responses and e-mails I received about it, I'm now obsessed with it. What a cool car!

If you buy it and get it on the road, I'd love to see some pictures of it!


Anonymous said...

Yea same car. You can see the rust spot in the rear although it is very tough to make out because it just "happens" to be in the shade in the auction photos. Same for all the surface rust. It looks good at a distance and properly shaded.


Anonymous said...

I just looked at the other close up photos posted in the other post and this has got to be a real warning against buying a car by internet auction without an inspection. The auction company’s photos hid the rust etc and are so poor that as soon as you try and zoom in after you get them they are blurry. This isn’t Ebay where if you buy it without seeing it and it is not as described you can get your money back. The bid accepted goes straight to the United States Bankruptcy Court with your social security number etc… and you will have no recourse. Can you imagine buying that Vixen BMW powered RV with just the bidspotter photo and it just saying 32k miles on the internet without seeing those interior shots? My guess is someone will do that. This isn’t eBay but a federal auction.


Jon said...

I can't wait to see what will happen regarding the bidding on this car. It would be great if a collector bought the car for a reasonable price, and then fixed it up and enjoyed it.

However, I'll bet that there are more than a few folks out there thinking of taking out a half page in Hemmings after they are finished with the bodywork.

Information on this car is scant.

I scoured the internet for "Touring," "Shooting Brake," "Station Wagon," "Der Strudelwagen," and "Estate." I came up with only three or four cars (including this one) which appear to come from different builders. A couple had aesthetically challenged paint jobs, or tacky bodywork. This one appeared to be the most commerically viable of the lot.

I hope who ever ends up with it digs into the history of this particular automobile. Maybe back in the 80's, the Sultan of Brunei changed his mind and bought something else instead.

Was this car really an "official" BMW prototype? Was it ever displayed in any notable car shows? I always remembered cars like this ending up in the pages of Road and Track.

In any case, I hope the previous owner stored his collection of old pianos with greater forethought than he displayed with his cars.

Anonymous said...

It will be interesting to see what it goes for. It went for $8k on eBay in 2000 and it was in absolute perfect condition. I’m not sure that the it has increased in value since then vs how much it has lost with the surface rust that’s going to require a full strip and respray to get fixed correctly.


BMW Bob said...

This will be interesting.

Chet: While it looks to need work, it's certainly not a rat. Some minor bodywork, a respray and a good cleaning are things most enthusiasts are willing to do on a rare and unusual car. This is not a car for someone who's not willing to put some work into it.

Jon: There is some mention of the car being shown at the Frankfurt Auto Show, but I can't find pictures. It's also apparently 1 of 2 made by BMW.

What I see in these two sets of pictures is an auction company that wants to create excitement in this car and maybe a potential bidder who wants to keep others from showing up.

Car Geek - Keep us posted on this auction. It sounds like you live close by. Are you going to attend the auction?

Anonymous said...

BMW Bob,

Are you with the auction company? The auction company photos are far away while the others have real up close detail. This isn’t eBay motors where you have some recourse. Someone may buy cars from the online photos from the company and be in for a very nasty surprise. A strip, rust work, quality respray and mold cleaning may bring the wagon back to where it was when it sold on eBay in 2000 for $8k when they claimed it was in the Frankfurt auto show. Other sources have said it is a Kombi. I’m not sure anything will bring the RV back and someone is going to buy that online and pay 5x what it is worth now.


BMW Bob said...

Hi Chet.

I don't work for the auction company. I live in Iowa.

Maybe my point wasn't clear. The auction company's pictures show a flattering side to the car while the other set of pictures (yours?) show the bad points. The car is probably somewhere in the middle.

I've been to enough auctions to know that it only takes 2 people for a car to go to stratospheric prices. Whether or not it was in the Frankfurt show, it is still a car of great interest, as evidenced by all the chatter on the BMW forums.

It sounds like you're trying to discourage people from coming to the auction. Are you planning on bidding on it?

Green said...

I will go to the auction, just to see it in person.
I wonder what the underside looks like.
Looks to me like it was kept outside.
Do you think it will start when all the fluids are changed?
Must have been a great car in the day.
How could they resist driving it.

Just A Car Geek said...

Bob - No, I won't be there. I have dinner plans that night. I'll register online and follow it.