Thursday, November 18, 2010

Rolls Royce Pick Up Truck(s) - I've Got The One and Only... What? Oh, Damn.

This is pretty amusing.

Here's the eBay listing title for the RR pick up shown above: "1972 Rolls-Royce PICK UP THE ONLY ROLLS ROYCE PICK UP IN THE WHOLE WORLD".

"In the whole world". Wow.

I would have believed this guy had the RR pick up truck below not been on the same page! The seller of this one says; "Here is a once in a lifetime opportunity to own this extremely beautiful and the only known Rolls Royce Pickup Truck in the United States, possibly world."

Maybe they live in different worlds.

Admittedly, they are significantly different. Still, it's amusing.

I have no real desire to own a Rolls Royce. I have nothing against them, but for the money I can think of many, many other cars I'd prefer to own. But, if I somehow become insanely wealthy, a Rolls Royce pick up truck would be cool to own just for the shock value. (Imagine going to Home Depot and asking an employee to help you load the 2x4s you just bought into your pick up. Imagine the look on his face when your pick up turns out not to be an F-150, but a Rolls Royce. Priceless, as they say in the MasterCard commercial.)

If I somehow become insanely wealthy tonight, I'll have my choice of two of the one and only Rolls Royce pick up trucks in the world. Cool.

Click here to see the eBay listing for the white 1972.

Click here to see the eBay listing for the black 1969.

A big thanks to JaCG reader, Russ, for sending me the links to these cars.


Anonymous said...

Well now, one's a Pick Up and one's a Pickup. So there.

imnsho the Pick Up (the white one) is a Business Coupe.

And thats one hella big trunk.
2 ideas for vanity plates: BADONK PAWG

Blair Russell said...

Yeah, I was amused when I saw both of these cars on Jalopnik last week.

It reminds me of how a few months ago, I was driving around town and I saw an off-white late 70's Cadillac Coupe de Ville converted into a pickup! It was wacky.

Raso said...

type in "rolls-royce pick-up" in google images and several more show up!
Many people have actually went ahead and built there rools-royce pick-ups...

Anonymous said...

I built a RR pick up for a drinks promotion back in the early 90s. One of my customers at the time was admiring the nice clean original car when i got out the cutting torch - he was horrified...

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know where either of these cars/trucks are today?

Anonymous said...

rolls royce pickup branco foi o primeiro que transformei estou no numero 4 um diferente do outro