Monday, November 15, 2010

The Simca in the Shed

"Dad was a man of many secrets and no one in the family ever dared to ask about the Simca in the shed".

If I ever write a mystery novel that will be my opening line. I'll credit this Craigslist ad for the inspiration.

Here's the entire text of the ad...
"Deep in the back of the shed, beneath the dust, is this 70's or 80's Simca. Dad drove it back and forth to work. Sometime in the 90's he parked it in the shed. No one knew why. It is up for grabs to anyone with the courage. Depending on what we find there if you and me drag it out, you can make an offer."
This is most likely a 1960s era 1000. Other than needing a front bumper, it's hard to tell what type of shape it's in. I've never seen a car with so much dust on it before.

This could be a cool find for a Simca fan. (And who knows what could be lurking in the trunk. Cue the spooky music...)

Located in SE Wichita, KS, click here to see the Craigslist ad.


Jon said...

The text in this listing is the perfect platform for any Blair Witch type film script.

If you tweaked the timeline a bit, and wrote in a part about "the forgotten son of Ed Gein," you would be well on your way.

Anonymous said...

There is a reason I didn't send this link in.

Matt Cotton said...

The really amazing thing about this 1968 Simca 1000 is that it has the Feredo 3-Speed Semi-Automatique transmission. Three manual speeds, no clutch pedal. The VW Beetle did it for years and so did the Fiat 850 Idroconvert and NSU 1200. You could leave it in drive (route), but pick up was agonizingly slow as all you had was the third gear and the torque converter. Better to use 1st and 2nd (exceptionelle and ville/montagne) to get off the line.
This transmission was offered by Simca from 1966 through the end, 1978, but was never on the options list for any Simca 1000 sold in the USA, although this is definitely a USA specs model. Fascinating, in fact, I have never seen another semi-automatique in the United States, ever!

Just A Car Geek said...

That's pretty cool, Matt!

I noticed that the listing has been deleted. Let's hope it went to a Simca fan and not a scrap dealer.


Matt Cotton said...

But to whom? It's maddening not knowing!!