Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Some Very Interesting Cars Being Auctioned in Massachusetts

Aaron Posnik & Co. is an auction house here in Massachusetts. They are in the business of auctioning off failed businesses and anything taken by a secured creditor. Generally speaking, if you see a Posnik Auction sign on a business you know things didn't go quite as planned.

Posnik and Co. are auctioning a number of seriously interesting cars on Tuesday, November, 16, 2010.

These cars are, according to the Posnik website, from the "COLLECTION OF ROBERT N. LUPO & THE PIANO MAN INCORPORATED (IN BANKRUPTCY CHAPTER 7 CASE NO. 09-21945-JNF)"

The only resemblance Posnik has to a place like Barrett-Jackson is the word "auctions" in their name. They are not a company that specializes in classic cars and their descriptions leave a lot to be desired. Each car has one picture and a brief description.

The car at top is the one that caught me eye right away. It's described as: 1981 BMW 733 Station Wagon, AT, AC, 6 Cyl., CD Player, Alum. Wheels, (9,002 Miles).

This car is described as: 1982 BMW 628CSI, 2 Door Convertible, AT, 6 Cyl., Leather Int., (8,866 Miles)

Here's a nice TR6: 1976 Triumph TR6, 2 Door Convertible, 6 Cyl., Man. Trans., Wood Dashboard, Bucket Seats, Power Brakes, (18,849 Miles)

For you Studebaker fans, there's this: 1964 Studebaker Daytona, 4 Door, AT, V8, (78,697 Miles)

There are 17 cars in total being auctioned (some of which are common, non-classics). You can find the complete list and the address of the auction here.

Thanks again to Jon for alerting me to this auction

November 16 update - The auction just ended. Click here to see what these cars sold for.

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