Saturday, November 6, 2010

Weekend Quickies - Saturday, November 6, 2010

1972 Pontiac Luxury LeMans - Yep, here in the US this was considered "luxurious" back in the day... A big flat vinyl bench seat and some fake wood. Power steering, power brakes, air conditioning, a tilt steering wheel, fender skirts and power windows were luxuries too. All of that, except, mercifully, the bench seat, fake wood and fender skirts, are pretty much standard fare on any car today. Times have changed.

This is a great looking car in great condition. It's cool to see a car like this - one not wearing GTO badges - in this condition.

Located in Mankato, MN, click here to see the dealer ad.

1971 NSU 1200 - I'm trying to figure out the tail lights on this one. The seller writes, "(The) car has had rear end damage and and the rear panel was replaced and newer Saab tail lights installed though not perfect but it still looks good". I can't tell whether the panel was modified for the tail lights or if the Saab lights (which are pretty similar to the original NSUs) were forced to work with the original NSU tail lights holes. (It's stuff like this that keeps me up nights.)

The 1200 was an evolution of the Prinz. It was bigger and more luxurious. (It's the fake wood again, I guess.)

Except for the Saab lights, this 1200 appears to be in very nice condition.

Located in Dartmouth, NS, Canada, click here to see the eBay listing.

1985.5 (Fiat) Pininfarina Azzurra - This is an oddball. This is a '85.5 car. It was the last of the Azzurras and sold for just 1/2 a year. About 200 were sent to the US. The 85.5 Azzurra had rack and pinion steering and larger front rotors than earlier models. There were also a few minor interior changes.

What makes this car extremely odd is that it has an automatic transmission.

According to the seller, this car was once owned by Dr. Atkins of The Atkins Diet fame.

This Azzurra appears to be in very nice condition. The asking price is a staggering $18,500.00. If you're a fan of rare Italian cars with automatic transmissions that were once owned by mid-range celebrities, this might be the only one you'll ever find at any price.

Located in Rolling Meadows, IL, click here to see the eBay listing.

1974 Fiat 124TC - The Fiat (Pininfarina) above was once owned by a celebrity, but this car one-ups it. It hangs out with movie stars.

This Fiat 124 is part of the Michael Harper-Smith Collection. Mr. Harper-Smith provides European cars to movie studios.

The 124 was rear wheel drive and, with the twin-cam engine, a lot of fun to drive. These cars are now rare in the US. It sold relatively well when new, but rust, electrical problems and ignorant mechanics took their toll on the 124 (and most other Fiats) and there are now very few left. (The 124 was also built and sold by Lada, SEAT, Kia and, by lesser-known companies in India, Bulgaria, Turkey and Egypt.)

This car needs a bit of minor work, but for a 36 year old Fiat, it's in great shape.

Located in Tarzana, CA, click here to see the eBay listing.

Check out Harper-Smith's website to see the cars he provides to the movie studios. You can find it here.


Blair Russell said...

All of those cars are rather interesting and not ones that I ever recall seeing on the road before... but all of them I wouldn't mind owning. Not that I'd want to *fix* a Fiat, mind you, but they at least look nice.

That Eurofilmcars site is neat just to look at their inventory. The fact that they have a Le Car reminds me of how just yesterday, I saw a Renault out in the wild for the first time ever... at least that I can remember. It was at a stoplight and going the other way was a dark blue Le Car. I couldn't believe my eyes.

I only recall seeing a Peugeot once; now I just need to spot a Citroen-which shouldn't be too difficult to do!-and I'll be set for French greatness.

Bill said...

Blair, your youth is showing. Keep your eyes open, and spend several hours a day on the road in any American metro area (except winter in the rust belt) and you can spot an amazing variety of cars in action. My Pennsylvania small city neighborhood has several Fiats and at least two out door Renaults that are daily drivers. And a street parked VW Beetle with a small block V8 hanging out the back.