Thursday, December 2, 2010

1973 Triumph Stag - Done Right, Waiting To Be Finished

"The Triumph Stag could have been one of the greats. It had the looks, the name, the poise. What it didn't have was a reliable engine. Timing chains broke, heads warped and water pumps failed (among other things). There are cures and fixes for all that now, and a Stag is one of those cars that is a better used car than it was a new car."
I wrote that back on March 10, 2009. This car is a perfect example of a Stag that has been cured of most of its inherent faults.

The seller of this car has done everything right. He installed an aftermarket, modern, head gasket. He improved the radiator and ingeniously used a Rover SD1 3500 cooling fan clutch to make the Stag fan spin faster and draw more air through the radiator. He used a later, better designed timing belt tensioner. The car now has a Delco 105 amp alternator. The list goes on. In essence, he made this car the car it should have been in the first place.

This car was parked in a barn in 1983 and rescued by the seller in 2007. He has done nothing to the body and interior. Still, for a car that sat in a barn for 24 years, the cosmetics are not awful. It has a few rust spots and the interior could use some restoration, but it's a car you could drive right away. With the car the seller is including many of the parts needed to make the car very presentable; new Wool deluxe carpet kit from Rimmers, new windshield weatherstripping, an "excellent" used front bumper and new seat foams for both front seats. He's also including an original BL/Triumph AM/FM radio.

The Stag a nicely styled GT car with V8 power and a beautiful, comfortable, typically British interior. It's one of my favorite cars. Without bastardizing it with an American V8 or V6, the owner of this car has created a Stag that will allow you to enjoy all of the Stag's many positive points without having to worry about frequent breakdowns and expensive repairs.

Located in Berkley, MI, click here to see the eBay listing.


Mike P said...

If memory serves me, there were folks that didn't even make it home from the dealer before they started having problems. I'm happy to see someone tackle the issues that these cars have, I always liked the looks of the Stag.

Jon said...

The eBay listing for this Stag has to be one of the most comprehensive and honest descriptions I have ever read.

It seems the owner has properly sorted out the inherent problems with the car.

I guess that will finish off the "Warp speed ahead Captain!" or "I've never actually seen one that ran before" comments.

The Wiki entry says it best: "However, renovators over the years did iron out the V8 problems, rather than Triumph engineers." The queen of England should stop wasting her time appointing useless musicians for the Order of the British Empire. These backyard engineers have done more to restore the honour and reputation of the British Empire than "Sir Elton" or "Sir Bob" ever did.

Wiki continues: "This all adds up to an engine that now runs very well. If these glitches had been eliminated by Triumph, the engine could have been used in many other models and not only the Stag."

I've always admired the Triumph Stag. It's too bad that the reputation factor has really cursed the model. It has hammered away at the prices and kept would be purchasers at arms length. I can't imagine an old 911 sitting in a barn for 24 years.

Sean said...

I have always liked the design. Is that really a removable hardtop?

Just A Car Geek said...

Hi Sean - Yes, that's a removable hardtop.