Thursday, December 16, 2010

1974 Fiat 850 Coriasco Pick-Up

This is an interesting oddball.

There is very little information available about these trucks and Carrozzeria Coriasco. Prior to seeing this truck, I only knew the Coriasco name because of their 1952 Fiat boat car. (Photo below)

(Photo courtesy of Wheels Of Italy.)

I vaguely remember once seeing a picture of a Moretti badged truck that looked like this, but this truck doesn't appear to have Moretti badges on it.

In looks and concept, this is very similar to VW's Transporter based pickup. It's got a rear mounted engine and a shallow bed with fold down sides.

This truck has some interesting features, not the least of which is the location of the spare tire. It's in front of the passenger. (Just think of it as a permanently inflated airbag - with a very hard center.) I can't find any other pictures of similar trucks, so I don't know if that's how it came, or if it was placed there by an owner. (Wheels of Italy has a picture of a later version of this truck, but the dashboard is different.) The instrument cluster, while not especially comprehensive, has a cool look to it.

The seller purchased this truck in Italy in 2004. It's in very good, used condition. It looks like what you'd expect a truck that was used in the vineyards of Italy to look like. It has some scars, but nothing serious. The seller says it is rust free. (The bed has been covered with diamond plate steel, which I hope isn't hiding anything nasty.)

I wouldn't restore this truck. I'd keep it as is. I'd bring it to a few Italian cars shows each year. I guarantee it will draw more attention than any of the exotic cars do.

Located in Riverside, CA, click here to see the eBay listing.


Sean said...

The Fiat 850 of trucks!

Julian said...

Its Back On Ebay and looks great.