Wednesday, December 1, 2010

1978 Audi Fox

There's something about the Audi Fox that I've always liked. I owned one back the 1980s. A maroon station wagon. It was a fun car and I can't remember now why I got rid of it.

This car was known as the Audi 80 in most of the world. In the US it was the Fox (1973–79), then the 4000 (1980–87) and then eventually the 80, like the rest of the world.

The Fox was a small, fun to drive car. As I mentioned in the post above, Audi knows how to design interiors and the Fox, like all Audis, was comfortable and had a tasteful, well laid out dashboard.

Even though it's an automatic, I like this Fox a lot. It looks great in green and appears to have been well taken care of. Like the Audi above, the odometer quit working on this car, but the seller estimates it to have 59,000 miles on it.

For absolutely no logical reason, I'd like to own this car.

Located in Montrose, PA, click here to see the Crigslist ad.

A big thanks to JaCG reader, Mike, for sending me the link to this car.


Dan said...

I live near Binghamton NY. This has been on craigs FOREVER and I even submitted it to BaT. Dunno why it hasn't been picked up yet but may have to do with the fact its an auto. At least that's why the snoots at BaT weren't interested hehe

davintosh said...

I drove an Audi Fox (1973? I think) back in the early '80's too. Amazing how many people are surprised to hear that it wasn't just VW that sold the Fox! Never see any around anymore; must've all succumbed to rust.