Wednesday, December 8, 2010

1980 AMC Pacer Station Wagon

I guess you could say this is for amusement purposes only.

The Pacer was supposed to be revolutionary. As the seller points out, it was supposed to be a rotary engined car. When GM (who was to supply the engine) pulled the plug on their rotary project, the Pacer received AMCs durable, but not very modern, I6. The Pacer went from being revolutionary to just plain weird.

It got weirder towards the end of its life. AMC ditched the narrow grill and flat hood and went with a "formal" grill and a hood with a big hump in the center of it. It did nothing for the looks of the car.

This is a rare 1980 Pacer station wagon. Just 1341 were built. Who knows how many have survived? The Pacer wasn't (and really still isn't) considered a collectible car. I'd bet the vast majority of the 1980 Pacers were scrapped a long time ago.

This car is a pretty remarkable survivor. You could drive it and show it as is, or spend a few bucks and make it close to perfect.

Located in Palm Springs, CA (it's probably the only Pacer in Palm Springs), click here to see the eBay listing.


Anonymous said...

Yikes! An AMC Pacer Shooting Brake!

I gotta admit I love it in a weird sorta way.

One would have to be sure to wear mustache glasses when out about town though ....

Anonymous said...

The '80 is very rare. They were only offered briefly at the start of the model year to run off leftover '79 parts.

Anonymous said...

I just bought one a 1980 Pacer DL Wagon with 4300 miles on it, it was in storage all this time. A real time machine.

Anonymous said...

I own one with just 4400 miles, it still smells new and I love it !