Sunday, December 26, 2010

1980 BMW 735i Touring... Available Again

It's back...

The 735i Touring that caused such a stir when it went for up for auction last month is now being offered on eBay. (See my original posts here, here and here. - At the time this car was listed as a 733, but a check of the VIN showed that it was built on a 735 platform.)

No car in the history of Just a Car Geek got as much attention as this one did.

I'm not surprised to see it for sale. The buyer e-mailed me shortly after purchasing it and said he was going to have a problem finding room to keep it. (A problem I know all too well.) He also purchased the 1982 BMW 628CSI convertible that was auctioned at the same time.

When the car originally went for auction there were just 3 pictures posted. This time the seller has posted a link to 85 photos and some videos.

I am surprised by the opening bid price. The owner has chosen to go with a no reserve auction (I applaud him for that) with the bidding starting at $7000.00. He paid $6000.00 for the car and has done some work to it. If for some reason the car doesn't get bid up to a decent price (and I think it will, but you never know...) he stands to make virtually nothing on it.

If you missed it the first time, here's your chance to buy a very cool, historical BMW.

Located in West Newton, MA, click here to see the eBay listing.

A big thanks to JaCG reader, Rosa, for pointing out that this car was available again.


Anonymous said...

I was wondering why the number of EBay watchers went up. Now I know why. We have had a blast with this car and it has been great getting it running and cleaned up working with my son but I just don’t have room for it. If it sells for $7k I will lose money but I’m not too worried about that because the experience with my son has been worth it. It was great brining it home, tuning it up with him, draining all the old bad stuff and putting in new fluids. I had my son preoil the cylinders and change the plugs and then hand spun it. This has got to be the easiest car I have to work on. I brought it in to have the brakes looked at and part of the fuel line replaced as it is just too cold to be lying down on the pavement this time of year. I took a few photos from underneath and posted them. I expected that it would clean up and run but you never ever know and took a gamble. I am happy I was correct about it.

The service folks at the BMW of Sudbury were so nice. They invited me to meet Herb Chambers. It took a bit of doing to find some of the parts as it is a Euro and I’m not sure if this is an 80 or 81. It was manufactured on the line in 6/80 but titled as an 81. It probably took extra time to make it a Touring.

It is really nice and my son is making a case to keep it and sell the car we bought him. That isn’t going to happen as it would be a crime against automotive history. Right now there are well over 100 watchers on EBay. I didn’t have any idea if that was good or bad and when I looked it up I read on some forum that you need 400 to sell a car at a good price. I did some more searching and found a very cool site

I searched BMW under Motors:car and see that my car would rank 2nd right now of the 3,030 BMWs on EBay as far as being watched and there are still 8 days to go. It won’t show up until or unless someone bids though. Fingers crossed. This car does cause a great deal of excitement. I have has around 5 trade offers the last two days but this auction is going to the end unless Mr. Chambers offers me one of his Ferraris.


Blair Russell said...

Actually, to be honest I think that the reason why the eBay listing has already had so many views is because earlier today it was featured on the Jalopnik website, which is a site that talks about a variety of vehicle topics. The whole story of the car was discussed there too, and no offense to this site but as Jalopnik is part of a big media network of connected websites called Gawker Media, I think that's more of a reason for the views than for Just A Car Geek.

Then again, JACG WAS the first site that I know of which brought attention to the auction in the first place back in the fall, and it wasn't until later that Jalopnik started talking about the car and the auction.

Anyway, it was nice of you to pop in, Paul, and mention that you had a great time restoring this one of a kind (or rather, two of a kind) car. I hope it sells for a lot of moolah also.

Clint said...

Your email is not working what is the correct address? thanks

Just A Car Geek said...

Clint - That's odd. I received a few other e-mails last night, including one from "Clint", but with no text.

Try it again.


Qunatum Joe said...

Nice car, but I question the mileage.

The video shows the speedometer in MPH. This car, being from germany, should read in kilometers.

The instrument cluster might have been changed when it came to the States.