Wednesday, January 19, 2011

1961 Hansa 1100 Combi

This car has been on Craigslist forever. It's been sent to me a few times and I've never gotten around to writing about it.

The seller is calling it "the weirdest wagon on Craigslist". Maybe, but it's also one of the coolest.

Hansa, Lloyd, Goliath and Borgward were all owned by Carl Borgward. These cars started out being badged as Goliaths and then as Hansa.

The engine is an 1100cc water cooled boxer 4. There were two different versions of the engine. The first was a single carb version that made 40 HP. The second had twin carbs and a little higher compression and made 55 HP. I couldn't find any 0-60 times, but I suspect neither version is very quick.

From the B-pillar forward, this is a very nice looking car. (The picture below - courtesy of Sonjasfotos' Photostream on Flickr - is of a restored one.) Past the B-pillar, the designers seemed to have run out of imagination and it's rather plain. (Although the little fins are an interesting touch)

The biggest problem with this car will be finding some of the missing trim. These cars have been out of production for 50 years and parts and parts cars are few and far between.

The asking price is $1400.00 and the seller is open to (in fact, looking for) offers. He also writes that he is open to trades, "especially Fiat, Austin, Renault 4CV, Vespa, Honda, Cushman scooter, BSA Victor, Hillman, Morris Minor , or ??". You gotta love that.

Located in Mendocino County, CA, click here to see the Craigslist ad.

Interestingly, Christian Borgward, a grandson of Carl Borgward, has recently "revived" the Borgward company. The company has some interesting plans, but it appears that right now it's in the early, "we need money", stage of business. You can find their website here.

Thanks to Tamerlane (and everyone before him) for sending me the link to this car.

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pickles said...

My folks had a Borgward. They loved it. I too have seen this car for years on CL. Dang... looks like a hard project. More hard, though, is that Borgward is hunkering down for a comeback??? JACG is the first place I've seen this. GOOD reporting, man!