Thursday, January 6, 2011

1970 Iso Rivolta

These cars have been steadily creeping up in value over that past decade. I'm pretty certain that whoever buys this one will do a full blown, very expensive, restoration. By summertime it will probably look better than it did when it left the factory. That's why it's worthwhile taking some time and looking at the pictures of this car now.

This is what a typical Iso Rivolta would have looked like in the mid-eighties. It's been well taken care of, but well driven. It's very nice, but shows a few scars from use.

The Rivolta was designed by Bertone and powered by a Chevy V8. Prior to the line of GT cars, Iso was most famous for designing and building the Isetta, a car that BMW eventually licensed and did quite well with.

This car was at one time owned by Keith Martin, editor and publisher of Sports Car Market. It left the factory a cream color but at some point is was resprayed the maroon color it is today. The seller says it's "similar" to a shade originally available on the car. As much as I like keeping cars original, I wouldn't repaint this car. It's looks good in maroon.

The exterior has a few dings and scratches and the interior looks like the interior of a well driven car. The engine is said to be in good condition. The floors are original, but show some signs of early rust. Undercoating hides a multitude of sins, so taking a wire brush (or better yet, some sort of media blaster) to the underside is a must.

Think about how cool it must have been - back in the day - to see this car, in this condition, blow past you on the highway or parked in front of a local diner or supermarket. Think of how great it must have sounded chewing up its tires at a local track event. If I had the spare cash to buy this car, it would remain basically in the condition it is today (I'd replace a few of the broken switches). You'd see me with it on the highway, at the diner and supermarket, and on the track. It would be at a few car shows too, but it would be in the parking lot, not on display.

Located in St. Louis, MO, click here to see the eBay listing.

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Jon said...

One of my all time favorites. They look really sharp with wire wheels.

For the longest time they were actually quite affordable. In fact, similar cars, such as the Maserati Mexico, remained at the bottom of the pile pricewise, until recently.