Friday, January 21, 2011

1988 Audi 5000CS - A Great Beater in a Cool Color Combination

I'm just pointing this out because it's a cool car in a not often seen color combination.

The 5000 was the car that really put Audi on the map here in the US. The 2.2 liter, turbocharged I-5 found in this car put out 162 hp, making it an entertaining car to drive. (It's also a very safe car to drive, as the whole unintended acceleration thing was proven to be false a long time ago.)

Older Audis are prone to a number of little problems (i.e. power window, sunroof and door handle failures) along with one major one, the failure of the automatic transmission. (The latter can be delayed, or even prevented, by religiously maintaining the transmission.)

This car is a beater, and I mean that in the most positive sense of the term. It's not a show car, but a car you could drive and enjoy every day. It looks presentable (some clearcoat is peeling on the hood) and has had quite a few new parts installed in it in the last year. It needs the front door handles replaced, which is no real surprise.

Oddly, the seller has this car listed twice on eBay. Once with a Buy It Now price of $1150.00 and again as a no-reserve auction. If the car needs nothing major, go for the auction listing, bid just under a grand and figure on putting another $500.00 - $600.00 into it. For less than $2K, you'll have a cool old everyday car that is a lot more fun to drive than many used cars costing twice as much or more.

Located in Port Clinton, OH, click here to see the (auction) eBay listing.


Dan DiBiase said...

Dang, too bad it's an auto....

Dan D

Anonymous said...

No Q, No Sale