Monday, January 24, 2011

For Amusment Purposes Only - 1973 Volkswagen Beetle

Back in the day, a customized VW Beetle was a common sight. Kits were sold that allowed Beetle owners to change the entire body (a la the Bradley GT) or just add some pieces and make it look similar to another car (old Fords being common). The vast majority of these kits / parts were made of fiberglass. Many of them were of poor quality.

This car is all metal and it's not a kit. A man by the name of Antti Rahko created it. Mr. Rahko obviously likes to weld and fabricate, as evidenced by the truly bizarre limousine he created from a Mercedes wagon.

This VW isn't as elaborate as his limo, but, in its own way, it's equally as bizarre.

You've got to give this man credit for having a lot of imagination and skill.

Located in Concord, CA, click here to see the eBay listing.


Jon said...

I have to give the guy credit. I had thought the custom bug thing was over years ago and done with. The front looks way better than those "Rolls grille" fiberglass jobs from back in the day. The back is well, ...mehh.

This is like a wierd illusion that my mind can't get around. One part of me is thinking "Photoshop!" or something... The other other is thankful that psychedelic drugs never became a lifestyle choice.

John L said...

Any pictures of the limo?

Just A Car Geek said...

Hi John - Click on the "limousine he created" link. It takes you to a site called Art Car Central. There's a picture posted there.


John L said...

My God! It makes the Volksie look a bit ordinary.