Monday, February 7, 2011

1955 Mercury Montclair Camper - Too Cool

This is a little older than the cars I usually post, but I've never seen one of these before and found it really cool...

This is a camper built on to the back of a 1955 Mercury Montclair. It looks like there was some company turning these out in the 1950s as I found another one on a site called

The seller "refurbished" this one in 1985 and installed a 351 Windsor and a 4 speed manual transmission from a 1970 Mercury Cyclone.

With the semi-modern engine and transmission, you probably could take this thing on a cross-country camping expedition. Imagine the looks you'd get...

Located in Roebuck, SC, click here to see the ad.

A big thanks to JaCG reader, Ric W., for sending me the link to this camper.


G___ said...

I'd rather have a Cadillac camper.

Dan DiBiase said...

No power steering or brakes?? Ouch!

Jon said...

In the past, I never gave much attention to these kind of vehicles. They always seemed to reflect a bit too much trailer park engineering for my taste. On the other hand, I'm now curious as to who manufacturered these campers. I agree with the "cool" factor here.

After a couple of decades worth of nearly identical 1955-57 "Pro Street" cars, this camper is really refreshing. I'm no longer inspired by "tubbed out" vehicles with typical turquoise over white paint jobs, the usual billet trim, Weld wheels etc. This camper fits a comfotable niche between the Pro Street crowd and "Rat Rod" hell.

While it may not be an instant hit at a car show or a cruise night, you could make a lot of friends with effortless batches of microwave popcorn. You could also snicker at your neighbors leaky styrofoam cooler as you pull another cold one from the fridge.