Monday, February 28, 2011

1959 Vauxhall Victor Super

There are very few of these left in the US. For a time you could buy a Vauxhall at your local Pontiac dealer.

Vauxhall is the British subsidiary of General Motors. Even though it's small (by North American standards) it has the look of a large 1950s American sedan. There's a lot of chrome, little fins and a wrap-around windshield. If it were larger it could easily be mistaken for a Chevy.

Despite the fair number of Pontiac dealers carrying the Vauxhall line, it never sold very well in the US. They were very rust prone and few survive.

This car has spent its life in the "California high desert" and is relatively rust free. The seller says it was "drivable when parked 37 years ago", which is - unintentionally - a pretty amusing statement.

This car needs a lot of work, but it's not hopeless. The desert climate has kept it free of serious rust. The body has dents, they look like they could be popped out and filled. The most serious issue would be the dented roof. The desert climate that kept the body in decent shape took its toll on the interior, which will need to be completely redone. The engine is in unknown condition.

The starting bid for this car is $200.00, but there is a reserve. If the reserve is reasonable and you can get this for a realistic price, this could be a cool long term project. I've been to hundreds of car shows in my life and I have never seen a Vauxhall at any of them.

Located in Palmdale CA, click here to see the eBay listing.

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Anonymous said...

Actually what is shown is a 1958 Victor. The 1959's did not have the ridges on the hood, and the tailpipe went below not through the bumper. There is a small but loyal group of Vauxhall owners in the US keeping the Marque alive.