Wednesday, February 16, 2011

1965 Innocenti Spider - An Upscale Italian Midget

The Innocenti Spider is essentially a rebodied Austin-Healey Sprite/MG Midget. Ghia did the design.

Everything under that body is Sprite / Midget. The Spider used BMC's A Series engine. As the engine size in the Spridget increased, so did the engine in the Spider.

Not many of these cars made their way to North America. While arguably more stylish and unquestionably more luxurious than the Sprite and Midget, it was heavier (therefor slower) and pricier.

The seller says this car has been "sitting in a garage for 27 years". He says the engine (which should be a 1098cc A Series) turns over and "ran well when it was running", which I assume means 27 years ago. Engine parts are very easy to come by.

Based on the pictures, the body looks to be in very good condition. However, these cars rusted badly and this one has been painted (it was originally red), so it should be checked thoroughly for poor rust repair. The interior looks like it's in decent condition, although the seats are not original. (They look like they're from an MG.)

The seller says the car needs electrical work, which should come as no surprise being an Italian / British hybrid.

Nicely restored versions of these cars sell for $15,000.00 and up in Europe. This one has a Buy It Now price of $6500.00, If the body is sound, that's a fairly reasonable price.

Located in Baton Rouge, LA, click here to see the eBay listing.

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